Let’s Get Serious About Cyber-Espionage With XNSPY

Let’s Get Serious About Cyber-Espionage With XNSPY

Recent data has estimated that nearly 88% employees misuse their privileges—especially company provided smartphones. 72% of the misuse involves financial data breach. 30% employees steal this data to start their own companies, while 65% use it to get jobs with competitors of the industry.  Unfortunately, 31% victims of cyber-espionage attacks happen to be small businesses.

XNSPY is looking to liberate small businesses—which may not have enough budget allocated for a sophisticated security system—from this problem. Providing employers with widespread employee monitoring features and remote access to every employee’s phone, XNSPY allows for a more transparent communication in the company, so that unauthorized correspondence become easy to spot.

The cost of fraudulent employees is perhaps more than you can possible imagine on the surface. Cyber espionage has gone out of hand, and sadly small businesses suffer most. You’ve got to remember a lot of SMBs rely on their unique product or financial plans, to when that’s meddled with, it puts them in an instant slump. This is exactly the market XNSPY wants to tap into—an employee monitoring tool for business owners on a budget.

XNSPY claims to give employers complete authority of their communication networks. By allowing managers to go through the employee’s emails, texts, calls and multimedia, we are hoping to stop unlawful information sharing with external parties.

I think that the more parties there are in a company’s network, the greater the chance of data compromise and I honestly believe that at the bottom of cyber espionage is the misuse of company smartphones. So that’s why we’ve zeroed in on that. In the past, companies have used ERP systems for information control. But they cost millions of dollars, even for a single module. Modern, Millennial driven SMBs can begin with just an app.

XNSPY has aptly recognized cyber-espionage as a rising problem. And their employee monitoring tool on a budget could mean good news for small business. A head-on approach to this particular problem seems like the viable option.

XNSPY is a modern software gives the employer or manager the ability to go through all email, text, and multimedia correspondence that an employee conducts on their company provided phone. It is a monitoring app for all Android and iOS devices. It collects data contain within the smartphones and uploads it onto an online control panel. We believe that providing business owners and managers with the right tools eventually control espionage, especially where financial data is concerned. Just because an entrepreneur does not have the large sums of money does not mean that they don’t have a right to protected data.


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