10 fun activities kids can do for their dad on Father’s Day

10 fun activities kids can do for their dad on Father’s Day

Hi, mommies. Are you excited for the Father’s Day? Well, it’s not exactly Mother’s Day, but still, it feels great seeing your partner treated like a king by your kids. And of course, it would make your partner a lot happier getting that special treatment from the kids; after all, it happens only once in a while nowadays.

If your kids are super excited for the Father’s Day but don’t know how to put the day to a good use, check these 10 fun activities they can do to make their dad happy:

1. Make him a photo gift

Tell your kids to make their dad a photo gift, expressing how much they love him. These photo gifts are simple yet beautiful and will totally make the dad proud.

2. Design a memory book

Your kids can design a photo book for their dad with all of the family’s special memories. If your kids wish to make a photo book, it’s better to start early. It’s not something that can be done on the Father’s Day within a few hours.

3. Make him breakfast

Take the day off and tell your kids to make the breakfast for the dad. Obviously, this depends on how old your kids are and if they can cook the food.

4. Let him have the TV’s controller

Nothing’s more beautiful for a man to be able to watch his favorite TV show in a house with a wife and a couple of kids. Tell your kids to handover the TV’s controller to dad for the entire day. He will choose what everyone watches together on that day. You can wrap the controller to make it look a bit special.

5. Make him the dinner

While your dad is busy watching the TV, probably with you, the kids can prepare the meals for the entire family. Well, this again depends if your kids could do that. But you can always give them a helping hand to prepare something together like a crockpot roast dinner that even the littlest ones can prepare along you.

6. Make him free coupons

To continue with the Father’s Day fervor, your kids can make some free coupons that your father can avail. There could be all the different kinds of them. For instance, a free car wash coupon, so the kids wash the dad’s car. Or a breakfast-in-bed coupon. Or a coupon for one big hug.

7. Present him with a trophy

This would really make your man feel special. A very cool trophy can be made out of used objects and cardboard. You can check out the tutorial here.

8. Make something for his office desk

Your kids can make like a notepad or some other customized stationery that would give their father positive vibes throughout his workday.

9. Try a candy card

Candy cards are a fun way to express sentiments. And it’s especially great for the Father’s Day if your partner has a sweet tooth. Your kids will need your help plus a lot of chocolates to make a candy card.

10. Throw him a party

Why not do a little more and plan a party for the Father’s Day? Your kids can try some printable decorations if you have a printer or even get them from the nearest Target store.