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Watch this video to learn how to record phone surroundings

How to Record Phone Surroundings with XNSPY?

Watch this video to learn how to record phone surroundings

Get a complete walkthrough of how you can record phone surroundings using XNSPY.

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What Is XNSPY Surrounding Recording App?

With XNSPY, you can remotely record phone surroundings of your children and employees without even touching their phones or tablets (one-time installation is required).

XNSPY dashboard for Surrounding recording
  • Listen to surroundings on Android phone or tablet.
  • Send remote commands to target phone or tablet to record surroundings.
  • View time and date stamps for each surrounding recording.
XNSPY dashboard for Surrounding recording
Ambient listening app for Android and iOS

We Have Outdone Every Ambient Listening App!

It’s easier promising than actually delivering it, and that’s what the majority of ambient recording spy apps are doing. They will claim that you can listen to phone surroundings but you won’t, in most cases!

Ambient listening app for Android and iOS

But XNSPY is different. You only require sending a remote command to the monitored device which XNSPY does flawlessly. XNSPY’s spy ambient voice recorder works with both Android and iOS devices (requires a jailbreak) giving you more reasons why you need to download this app now!

The remote command also includes the duration for which the recording needs to be done.

Ambient Voice Recording Android App

With Google’s overarching restrictions on their newer OS, it’s not easy to remotely access microphone on a monitored device. But XNSPY makes it happen. With this Android spy, you can listen to a phone's surroundings even on the latest Android smartphones and tablets. XNSPY is also amongst those few apps that are compatible with Android 11.

Ambient listening iPhone App

XNSPY can record surroundings on all jailbroken iOS devices. The mechanism is similar to voice recording on Android. The only difference comes with jailbreaking on this iPhone ambient listening app.

Crystal-clear spy ambient voice recorder

Record conversations and listen in on your children’s or employee’s conversations at any moment in time. XNSPY is your perfect ambient listening app for lucid and clear voice recordings.

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WHY DO I NEED XNSPY Ambient Recording App?

  • By listening to your kids’ surroundings, you can ensure that they are safe from real world dangers. XNSPY spy ambient voice recorder helps you keep track of your children’s activity very closely, allowing you to know even those things that they could be hiding from you.
  • You can keep a close watch on the meetings and your employees’ conversations when you aren’t present there physically.
  • Using XNSPY spy listening app for Android, you can know if your employees are plotting against you. Similarly, you can also know which employees are truly loyal to you.
  • By listening to surround recordings, you can know exactly what your child is up to. With XNSPY, they won’t lie to you anymore.
  • With XNSPY, you can listen to the sounds and voices beyond your hearing range.
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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Still not sure about something or want to have more information on features and compatibility? Click on the icons below to get the relevant info about your problems and get them resolved in an instant!

View Compatible Devices

Want to check out if your target phone or tablet is compatible with XNSPY? This section will help you check if XNSPY supports your target device.

How to Install XNSPY

Want to know how to install XNSPY or having difficulty installing it? Check out our complete step-by-step guides here for hassle-free installation.

Check Out Faqs

Have any questions about XNSPY and how it works? Check out frequently asked questions and their precise answers for easy troubleshooting.


Get answers to all your technical queries with our step-by-step, carefully designed, exensive troubleshooting guide.

Contact Customer Support

Couldn’t find answers to your questions or have any other product-related queries? Click here to contact one of our Customer Support Agents right now.

How XNSPY Works

XNSPY is extremely easy to use. This section will guide you about how XNSPY works and how you can use it to monitor all your target phones or tablets remotely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • XNSPY’s ambient recording app works with Android devices. However, we still encourage you to visit our compatibility page to avoid any discrepancy.

  • To ensure seamless recording of the surroundings on the target phone or tablet, ensure that you have a working internet connection on the target monitored device.

  • To listen to the recorded surroundings, you will need to download the recordings to your computer. Also, note that you will require VLC media player to play the downloaded files.

  • It’s not possible for now to schedule ambient recording; however, you can download the XNSPY Dashboard app to your Android device and send ambient recording commands right from your smartphone (you won’t need to sign into web account every time).

  • XNSPY sends a discrete command to initiate surround recording, unlike other record surroundings apps that send intrusive text-message commands to activate the microphone on the target device.

  • You can send the ambient recording commands for recordings up to 30 minutes. To continue recording, you can send another command.

  • Xnspy allows you to monitor all Samsung devices running Android 4.4 or above. However, we do not recommend any illicit use of our software, like spying on a Samsung phone without taking legal consent of the other party.

  • Our ambient listening app doesn’t require jailbreaking your Android devices. But that’s not all. We have carefully designed this feature to ensure you get the best experience with the use of our app. For instance, the 30-minute limit on recording allows you to easily download files (it keeps the recorded files size small) but also avoids raising a suspicion (too long the recording and it would drain phone battery too quickly). So if you ever want to get an ambient recording app, Xnspy is it only that you need.

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You Can Totally Rely on XNSPY - We’ve Got Your Back

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