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XNSPY makes sure that you get the most out of your mobile phone monitoring software. That’s why, we have compiled all the frequently asked questions and answered them precisely. Skim through the questions that relate to your problem or query and get your issues resolved in a jif!

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  • Does my iPhone require a jailbreak to use Xnspy?

    XNSPY can work without the need to jailbreak the target iOS device. To avail the services, you will only need Apple ID and Password of the target device.

  • What do I need to download on the target device?

    You don’t need to download anything on the target device if the iCloud backup is toggled on. Only Apple ID and password is required to monitor the target device.

  • How long will it take for data to be uploaded to my account?

    Data that’s recorded from the target device will be uploaded to your XNSPY account every 24 hours after the last backup on iCloud. Data on iCloud is backed up automatically if the device is connected to WIFI, locked and plugged in. Recorded data will display after 3 automatic backups. To check the last back up details: settings→ iCloud→ Storage and Backup→ Last Backup

  • How do I backup iCloud?

    iCloud backup from the target device will take place every 24 hours. But make sure that the target device is plugged in, locked and connected to WIFI. You will also need to check the status of iCloud storage. You data will start to upload every 24 hours as soon as 3 automatic backups will take place. You can check if iCloud backup is enabled/disabled See FAQ#2 To check the last backup details: Settings→ iCloud→ Storage and Backup→ Last Backup You can change WIFI settings: Settings→ Wi-Fi→ Green→ Choose Network Note: The available default backup storage for iCloud is 5GB. XNSPY will not function if there is no available space on iCloud storage. To check available storage: Settings→ iCloud→ Storage and Backup

  • Do I need to buy XNSPY from the same device that I wish to monitor?

    NO. you can buy XNSPY from any available device. Make sure you have the Apple ID and password of the target device.

  • Can XNSPY access deleted text messages?

    All post backup text messages, SMS and iCloud messages can be accessed with XNSPY even if they are deleted from the target device. Any data that is deleted prior to backup cannot be retrieved.

  • Does XNSPY work with tablets?

    Yes. XNSPY is compatible with all iOS devices like iPhone, IPad and iPod touch that are running firmware 6.0 or higher. XNSPY also works with all Android devices running version 2.1 or higher.

  • What if the monitored user changes their iCloud credentials, will I still be able to monitor them?

    You will need access to the iCloud credentials every time they are changed or updated by the monitored user to continue monitoring their cell phones or tablets.

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