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What is Xnspy parental control software?

What is XNSPY Parental Control Software?

XNSPY is the most advanced parental control monitoring software that lets parents track their children and monitor their phone data anytime and anywhere. Installing XNSPY on their smartphones or tablets will let the parents:

What is Xnspy parental control software?
  • Secretly monitor calls, contacts and multimedia files (Photos and videos).
  • Remotely spy on IM chats (WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype), iMessage and SMS.
  • Track their current location and location history on map.
  • Record calls (incoming and outgoing).
  • Record phone surroundings.
  • Define suspicious words, contacts and places and receive instant alerts on their usage.
  • Remotely wipe phone data and lock phone.
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A Huge Library of Social Media Monitoring Features

Take note of your kids’ social media chats, photo sharing and even video sharing habits with XNSPY’s extensive social media tracking. XNSPY is the best app for monitoring your child’s phone, especially their social media. So Monitor Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, and many other instant messaging apps just at a minimal subscription fee.

Xnspy’s social media monitoring
Xnspy’s social media monitoring
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Remote Device Controls

With 30+ features that are all equally beneficial for kids’ online and offline safety, XNSPY is the best cell phone
parental control app you would ever get.


Remote Device Lock

When kids find it hard to put down their phones, it’s when a Remote Device Lock feature like XNPSY comes in handy. If your kind words fail to convince them that it’s bed time or homework time, use XNSPY and lock their phone for as long as you want.


Remote Call Recorder

Save behind-the-wall eavesdropping for someone else, tuck yourself in bed and listen to all the incoming and outgoing calls of your children right from your laptop with XNSPY parental control software.


Phone Surroundings Recorder

Ensure kids’ outdoor safety by listening to their surroundings using their cell phones. XNSPY’s ingenious phone surroundings recorder is a savior, so turn on microphone on your kids’ Android phone and listen to them live anytime with XNSPY.


Remote Live Screenshot

Tired of your kids misusing their personal cell phones and tablets, but don’t know how to say that to them? XNSPY Live screenshot gives you every proof that you need to prove your child’s nasty and potentially dangerous online behavior to them.


Location Tracking & Geofencing

Never has been a parental control been so damn awesome as XNSPY. You can not only track your kids’ live location but also view their whole day, month or even years’ location history. And with great location tracking comes great geofencing; XNSPY’s parental control software for Android and iOS even notifies you when your child checks in/out of specific places.


Location Tracking

  • Track every GPS activity of your kids with close to 100 percent accuracy.
  • View every location with date, time and address geo tags.
  • View location history logs.


  • Geo-fence locations that aren’t safe for your kids.
  • Set Alerts on Watchlisted locations for check-in or checkout.
  • Get Alerts via email.
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Xnspy dashboard

View and Block Installed Apps

XNSPY is the perfect App Blocker for Android and iOS that can help parents negotiate apps that their kids could use. Unlike others, XNSPY parental control software for Android and iOS is helping parents limit their kids’ use of peculiar dating and social media apps.

Xnspy dashboard
  • Block all stock and third-party apps.
  • Block apps like Tinder, Kik, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Vine, Down etc. that may not be suitable for your children.
  • Unblock apps anytime from your XNSPY Dashboard.
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  • Around 95 of children ages between 12 and 17 are online every day.
  • 75 percent of young people are willing to share their personal information online to strangers.
  • Around 60 percent of kids have been bullied online.
  • A very large population of sex offenders reside in US; 799041 to be precise.
  • Every 1 in 5 children who have access to internet say that they have received an unsolicited message from some stranger.
  • Apart from the inevitable risks of going online, there are many instances when it’s on the kids’ end if they would be risking themselves while going online. They include the amount of time kids spend with their devices or how they perceive their online safety.
  • With XNSPY iPhone parental control software, parents can take care of both voluntary and involuntary online actions of their kids and minimize the collateral of going online.
  • XNSPY isn’t just an Android parental control software; it’s also a fully-fledge GPS tracking software for both iOS and Android that parents can use to monitor their kids’ current location and location history logs.
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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Still not sure about something or want to have more information on features and compatibility? Click on the icons below to get the relevant info about your problems and get them resolved in an instant!

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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • it’s important that you take your kids’ consent before installing XNSPY on their cell phones or tablets. For more information, kindly refer to our Terms Page.

  • It depends on the XNSPY subscription and also the target device that you are going to monitor. If you want to monitor an Android device, you would need a physical access to that device to manually download and install XNSPY. If your child owns a Jailbreak device, then you could either choose the Jailbreak or No-Jailbreak edition. The Jailbreak edition also requires a physical access to your child’s device, but the No-Jailbreak edition only requires the iCloud username and password of the target person.

  • XNSPY works with all Android devices, running Gingerbread 2.3 or above and iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or above. To avoid any software- or hardware-related discrepancies, it’s recommended that you visit XNSPY’s Compatibility Page before subscribing.

  • Once XNSPSY is installed on the target device and configured with your account, it’s time for you to sign into your XNSPY Dashboard, from where you can access phone logs like calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, social media, multimedia and even calendar entries off the monitored cell phone or tablet of your child.

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