3 Internet Horror Stories That Have Been Fixed With Parental Control App

3 Internet Horror Stories That Have Been Fixed With Parental Control App

Tablet and smartphone owners sure do keep getting younger as the years go by. Kids have their own phones well before they’re in middle school. They’ve been groomed to use them since they are toddlers. This is all great for technological progress and all that jazz. But the problem is, a lot of these kids are left alone with their devices completely unmonitored. Which makes way for horrible disasters, most of which could’ve otherwise been easily prevented with a parental control app.

Here are a few horror stories that just go to show the extremes to which kids can take their smartphone use.

The Stalker in the Attic

This cyberbullying case is perhaps still one of the biggest cyber-mysteries of 2014. Because the stalker in the attic is believed to be a 12-year-old girl, who is apparently stalking her classmates. The stalker—codename Danielle—threatens and blackmails two fellow 12-year-old girls on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter… whichever social media platform they’re on. But the thing is, she denies doing it, too, and the parents still haven’t found out who the stalker truly is.

If there’s anything learnt from this case, it is that if you’re going to give your young children a smartphone, you better closely monitor them. Both Danielle’s and the victim’s parents could have prevented this if only they knew what their kids were talking about online.

The Wisconsin Stabber

A couple of 12-year-old girls stab their friend to impress a fictious internet legend. This is incident made headlines and started an entire conversation about parental activism in children’s digital lives. Because when two young girls are inclined to attempt murder all to impress a character on the internet—granted they thought it was real—it just shows how a lack of parental supervision can snowball into something this unfortunate.

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The Maryville Suicide Attempt

14-year-year Daisy Coleman is driven to suicide as the cyberbullying following her sexual assault goes overboard. Attacks and victim-blaming from friends and strangers alike on her Facebook and WhatsApp prove to be too much and she tries to kill herself. Yet another case which shows the full scope of cyberbullying, and shows why parents need to be better informed.

Time for Parental Monitoring to Go One Step Further

There are probably thousands of kids out there that are cyberbullied every day and we don’t get to hear about them. But the point is, as long as parents aren’t monitoring their children’s smartphone and internet use, incidents like these will continue to happen. Because let’s not forget, a lot of cyberbullying cases remain unreported. And regular parental controls that just block a few websites or censor a few words aren’t enough at this point. We need a more dynamic monitoring device.

parental control

Which is why we’ve got XNSPY. A monitoring software that lets parents remotely go through their children’s phones. This includes going through their call logs, text messages, GPS location, IM chats, internet browsing, and anything else they use their phones for. Just imagine having the power to see what your kids are doing on their phone, and online without even having to touch their phones. Because with XNSPY, a parent just needs to log onto a web control panel to do the monitoring. Which makes their lives easier because they could be anywhere in the world, and they’ll still be informed on what their kids are up to.

XNSPY, the Parent’s Digital Deputy

An app like XNSPY is what parents of today need heading into 2015. Because children will continue to use the internet and their smartphones in whichever way they see fit. But an advanced parental control app like this will help the parent mediate them better. Prevent their children from being bullied, and taking part in bullying other kids, too.



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