3 Times Cell Phone Trackers Have Saved Lives

3 Times Cell Phone Trackers Have Saved Lives

It is quite weird for me to think that we are digitalizing even the littlest aspects of our life. Our parents are quick to point out all that’s wrong with it (and they are not entirely wrong), but if you ask me, this is more beneficial to us than we realize right now. Mobile apps are doing much, much more than simply allowing us to hail a cab, or chose a place to eat, or find the perfect place to shop. They are also saving lives.

Here are three times of when technology has truly proved to be lifesaving and the lessons you need to take away from those experiences. You never know when they’ll help you and your family, too!

Kidnapped Yakima Girl Found Saved By a Phone Call

A 15-year-old girl from Yakima, Washington made headlines for her quick wit and instant use of tech. The young girl was cornered by three men who captured her, shoved her inside the trunk of their car and drove away. But the 15-year-old was clever enough to, amidst a situation where most would be fazed, take her phone out and dial 911. She described what had happened all the sounds she could hear at the time to the dispatcher. Within 2 hours, the police were able to find her and bring her back home.

So what is the lesson to be learnt from the Yakima girl?

First off, all parents need to take their kid’s security seriously. Secondly, with the right apps, situations like these can be avoided. Your mobile tracker will let you

GPS Tracker Solves Another Kidnapping Case

In a similar case to the Yakima girl’s kidnapping, a 911 dispatcher receive a rather distressing call of a woman screaming and crying that she had been kidnapped. There was no other information (whereabouts, place of incident etc.) that the dispatcher received from this call. However, they were quick enough to track her GPS location from this phone call, and this is what eventually resulted in her finding.

So what is the lesson to be learnt from this incident?

It is not just the overly cautious that track their family members now. Family tracking is absolutely necessary in times like these. Parents can easily:

Utah Mom Saves Son Using Facebook

A mom from Utah embodied everything we value in a digital parent. She was going through her son’s Facebook page, and she obviously knew what to look for, because she found disturbing messages that other students had left him. Some of which includes death threats claiming that they would shoot him at school. The mom did not take this lightly at all and went straight to the authorities. Her fears were confirmed when indeed weapons were found with the suspected students around the school. The mother took social media conversations seriously, and it paid off.


So what is the lesson to be learnt from Utah Mom?

Every parent needs to track their kid’s social media profiles very closely, especially if they are teenagers. With the right app, you should be able to

So yes, it is true that our lives are going digital. But at the end of the day, the digitalization is helping us. Yes, it is funny when there is an app for every inconsequential thing in the world. But you never know how it can help you in the long run.

What do you do to ensure your family’s safety when they are away?


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