3 Ways To Hack Telegram (Without Access to Their Phone)

3 Ways To Hack Telegram (Without Access to Their Phone)

Gaining access to Telegram accounts can be frustrating if you don’t know what you are doing. That is because Telegram uses chat encryption to safeguard conversations and actual phone numbers to ensure that the person behind the account is real and not an anonymous bot.

Many “how to spy on Telegram” articles are written to promote certain pieces of software that don’t come close to offering any sort of access to you. Instead, they are long, complex, and misleading guides that may cause more harm than good. Some of them might even ask you to download software that puts you at risk of exposing personal data.

In this article, I will look at 3 of the most popular ways to spy on Telegram. I will list down how they work and what their drawbacks will be.

So let’s dive right into the first one without further ado.

Way 1 – Way Of The Voicemail Hack

This way revolves around getting the Telegram Login code from the target phone using a variety of tools. Hackers used this to gain access to South-American ministers and leak incredible amounts of sensitive information containing corruption scandals.

First, you need to get access to someone’s voicemail. Why the voicemail? Because if you have the voicemail access of the target, all you need to do is get the Telegram Login code via voicemail and you will have everything to log into their account.

Don’t worry; voicemail security is extremely and notoriously weak. However, you can gain access using caller ID spoofing.

Many caller ID (voicemail) systems check the number calling in as verification. If you can somehow figure out a way to make it appear that the number you are calling from is the same as the target number, then you’re in business.

Many Caller ID spoofing services can help you out; one of them is spoofcard.com.

Even if a PIN code protects the voicemail, you can simply use a brute-force attack. You’ll only need about 10,000 tries, and you’re good to go.

Once you have access to the victim’s voicemail, you must make sure they are offline when Telegram sends the Login code to their phone. You can do that by executing an SMS flooding attack.

The principle is simple; you flood the target’s phone with SMS texts. The system tries to handle the incoming load as best as possible, and if it fails, it loses connection, making Telegram send the Login code to the voicemail, which you should have access to if you have followed the above steps.

To remove all suspicion of any malicious activity, the attacker will send silent SMS. These texts are acknowledged by the victim’s phone, contain nothing, and are not displayed on the screen nor alert the victim.

Limitations Of The Voicemail Hack

This method may seem foolproof but it requires a tech-savvy background. First things first, you need to make sure that you can hack into their voicemail. If you are lucky, they have not set up a PIN code, but if they have, you need to hack it using brute force or other methods. A brute-force attack is a time taking process. After that, you must disrupt their system long enough for Telegram to send the login code to their voicemail.

Many software can help you send a silent SMS flood attack. However, they can be a double-edged sword as you don’t know if the software you download will infect your device and put you in a vulnerable position.

Lastly, modern phones are much more powerful than their predecessors and might not even fall to the SMS flooding attack in the first place.

Way 2 – The Way Of The Screenshot Asking

“The way of the screenshot asking” is also based on getting the login code sent to the target’s device. So, instead of using complicated software to send out a silent SMS flood in the hopes of crashing the system long enough that Telegram sends the login code to the voicemail, which may or may not require a brute-force attack, you simply ask for a screenshot.

This one is rather long and detailed, so we’re going to break this into different steps.

Step 1 – Find A Gullible Victim

Find a target who won’t suspect a scam is happening to them; for this hack to work, they need to be somewhat unsuspecting. It will help if you choose someone who trusts you and chats with you often so they don’t suspect foul play.

Step 2 – Try To Log In

Install Telegram on another device and try to log in to your target’s account. You only need the phone number to do that.

Doing so will make Telegram send the target device a login code on the registered device, which is usually the phone your friend will use.

Step 3 –Ask Your Friend For The Login Code

Directly asking might raise suspicion, so you’ll have to be crafty about your approach. Instead, you need to ask them to take a screenshot of their Telegram app and send it to you.

There are a million and one ways to go about that, and we’ll let you figure it out yourself. A simple message like “Yo, send me the screenshot of Telegram real quick, need to check something” will probably work. If it doesn’t, choose a target even more susceptible to your charms, or try a different approach for asking for the screenshot.

But why a screenshot? It’s simple because the screenshot will “accidentally” reveal their Telegram Login code.

Step 4 – Get To Work, Fast

Enter the login code and get into their account and before you begin any snooping or tampering, terminate all other sessions. That would make the victim log out of Telegram on their phone.

Step 5 – Change The Password So They Can’t Log In

To prevent them from logging in and terminating any other sessions from their end, change their password, and lock them out.

Potential Problems Of Screenshot Hacking

The potential problem with this way of gaining access to the login codes is that the target may realize they are being attacked when they can’t access their account and warn their friends using other means.

Furthermore, both these ways rely on locking out the target from using their account. Once they realize they have been hacked, they can simply contact Telegram and have them block the account for good.

That begs the question, can you spy on a Telegram account without being caught? *evil smirk*

Way 3 – The Way Of The Intelligent Man

The answer lies in a telegram spy app. This hidden ninja attacks from the shadows allowing you to maintain anonymity while ensuring you see all the texts, pictures, and videos shared through the device.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

It is…with the caveat that you must have access to the phone to install such apps. However, once the app is installed and set up properly, you won’t ever need physical access to the monitored device again.

Many companies claim their app to be among the best Telegram spy apps. However, most of them do it to create catchy marketing ploys. The truth is most of these apps gather data and sell it to the highest bidder. Most of them require you to go through countless loops to properly install and set up their app, with countless hidden charges too.

That said, all hope is not lost.

Xnspy is a Telegram monitoring app that is not just a master of one particular skill. It offers instant messenger (IM) app monitoring capabilities that can help you view the sent and received messages on various apps. That means you can seamlessly view everything that is going on in the target device’s Telegram and see activities happening in other IM apps too.

Along with that, you can even set up automatic alerts for target keywords with this spy Telegram app. That means you will be notified when a specific word is used in the messages. You can also set up automatic alerts for specific contacts, so you are notified when that contact tries to interact with the user through the monitored device.

The multimedia monitoring allows you to go through all the pictures and videos. Xnspy also takes regular screenshots of the device, which enables you to view exactly how the device is being used. Dedicated servers help create a backup that is only accessible by your unique credentials. Lastly, you can remotely control the device and block the app.

Setbacks Of Using Xnspy

Apart from having access to the device once, the other potential problem of this method compared to the others is that it will set you back $7.5/month.

Xnspy is not a free Telegram spy app but it’s much more reliable and secure than other free and paid options.


In this article, we have explained three ways to gain access to a Telegram account. You can save a little money and go for something that may not promise effective control of the account or you can get Xnspy and ensure you get the most efficient Telegram monitoring services in the market.

The choice is yours.