4 Cheat Sheets for the Aspiring Best Boss Ever

4 Cheat Sheets for the Aspiring Best Boss Ever

There’s been a lot of talk about employee engagement and empowerment on our blog lately, hasn’t there? I’ve realized the focus has been on the worker, so we’re going to shift gear a little bit. Let’s talk about you!

Because you’re the boss. You determine whether your business will fail or flourish. You choose who you hire, and you chose the strategies you ultimately take. It is entirely your duty to steer your workforce in the right direction so everyone is working towards to same goals. But you can’t do it in an overbearing way, either. It’s confusing, but we’ve got a few cheat sheets for you that will put you on the fast-track to becoming the best boss ever. Here we go.

Good Bosses Lead by Example

When your business is still relatively small, and you don’t have a lot of employees around, you’ll have a more visible role. You’re not just going to be the boss-man that no one has ever seen. People will look up to you for direction and instruction. So, if you expect your employee to work a certain way, or show certain behaviors, you’re going to have to lead by example. Here’s an infographic from Clarius that should provide food for thought.

Good Bosses Provide Feedback

Your workers are not machines. They are social beings in a very social setting. Which means if they’re providing you with their services, they expect feedback. Especially if they’ve done something nice for the team, or gone out of their job descriptions to help achieve a goal. You need to keep track of how each employee is working. There’s lots of employee monitoring tools that help you do that. Here are a few pointers from Talk Desk on what sorts of feedback you need to provide.

Good Bosses are Inspiring

The most important element of your job is keeping your workforce inspired. Your employees need someone to look up to, so simply being good at your business won’t be good enough. No matter what kind of boss you are, or what business culture you sit on top of, you need to develop certain qualities that inspire and enthuse your team. Entrepreneur has some very useful words of advice.

Good Bosses Reward Employees

Good performance should reap good rewards. It’s all part of positive reinforcement, isn’t it? But it’s more about giving your employees something to work toward. It’s about keeping them refreshed and happy at their jobs, and telling them their good performance doesn’t go unnoticed. And OfficeVibe says rewards doesn’t even mean money.

So it’s not that hard to be a good boss, after all. If you’ve got some pointers or advice of your own, feel free to share with us!


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