4 Telltale Signs of a Bad Boss

Terrible bosses are such a common thing now days. Seems like everyone you are talking to says that they have a bad boss and they would love to quit their jobs whenever they talk to them.  It is a sad state of affairs when you as a boss might not even be aware of the fact that your employees might hate you. The blame however does lie on both sides but you as a boss and manager need to know just exactly where you might lie at fault. Knowing this you can then work towards making yourself a better manager and a better person to your employees.

So what are some of the things in yourself that you might need to look out for. There are always telltale signs in yourself that you can only spot if you are looking out for them. Once you do then all you need to do is work towards eradicating them. The only hard part is looking out for these signs and that is it. So without further ado, I would like to point you to the biggest tell tale signs that you might be a bad boss

1. You Have to Lie A lot

Lying is always something you have to avoid especially if you are in a position of management. Lie too much and you find yourself in this intricate web of falsehoods that you might not know how to get out of. If you lie too much you will find that you will start to rationalize them too. If yourself rationalizing everything you had to say to someone then you might not be the best person.

See, an employee-boss relationship is primarily built upon trust and respect. You lying to their face is not going to get you any respect and trust. The next time you talk to an employee just count how many times you told a lie and then break down just exactly why you lied. See what pushes and motivates you to make that decision to speak falsehood to your employees. Once you have narrowed down the motivation then you can start to work towards how to diminish it.

Lying is a slippery slope. Once you go down that road all you are going to see is trouble for yourself in the near future.

2. Mixed Signals

Do you find yourself alternating between their best friend and their tyrannical boss? I have often been of the opinion that a manager can never be friends with their employees. It always created this awkward disconnect between you and them and sends mixed signals when you want to get work done. Now this does not at all mean that you become a ferocious tyrant bent on doing everything to spite your employees.

So many people think that if a boss is not their friend then they cannot be a decent human being to them.  Well that is not true at all honestly. Your main objective is to get the most productivity out of your employees and if you send mixed signals to them then it is certainly going to hurt your cause.

But on the other side of the tracks- even if you do want to become friends with your employees you have got to make it clear to them that you are still indeed their boss and you want them to work as hard as possible.

3. You Do not Admit Your Faults?

Listen, accepting your own faults is one of the premier points of becoming an adult. Imagine spending time with someone for 8-9 hours a day and they just do not accept when they are wrong. This would be extremely frustrating if that person would be in a supervision position. Now ask yourself- do you accept when you are wrong?

If you have not already, in the near future you will have an encounter with an employee where you might lie at the wrong. How you will handle this situation will proclaim to the rest of the employees how you are as a boss. Remember, if you are wrong then admit it. The repercussions of you ‘standing your ground’ when you are wrong will only show that you might be immature to other people. It will come back to bite you. You might get the results you want at the moment, but your employees will lose respect for you and eventually they might even complain against you.

So do not fall under the false pretense that ‘standing your ground’ when you are wrong will never do you any good. It will however, come back to haunt you.

4. Open Communication

Open communication and a verbal dialogue with your employees goes such a long way. A generational gap between bosses and employees is an age old problem but honestly the issue does not even have to be there if you were to openly communicate.

The new millennial generation- research has shown, appreciates a more open conversation with their employers. I mean who does would not like the air to be as clear as possible but the workforce now entering the market appreciates it even more. So as a boss you will have to change yourself to be more open with your employees. As a boss it is so easy to shut yourself off and become complacent within yourself and what you are doing.

What you will need to do is to create a better workplace environment is be open and communicate what you want to do to your employees. Work towards creating an environment in your office where employees do not fear to come up to you and talk.

These are some general points every manager needs to keep in mind whenever they are dealing with their employees so that they might work towards a better workplace and make their employees feel comfortable. Other factors also come into play when dealing with problems in the workplace and you cannot handle every situation  the same way but if you stick to the basics then you are on a sure fire way to progress.