Smartphone Cloning: 3 Definite Ways to Clone A Phone

Smartphone Cloning: 3 Definite Ways to Clone A Phone

The latest technological advancements like blockchain, web 3.0, and 5G took the digital world to a whole new level. You can perform almost every type of digital activity through your smartphone. It shows how smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. With all these super-exciting benefits, smartphones are also a way to get into someone’s personal life.

Over the last few years, the world has witnessed an upsurge in cyberbullying, online scams, and child harassment. Cyberbullying is a critical issue, and kids are the most common victims. Alongside this, online scammers usually target kids because of their naivety.

Now, looking at all these things, parents should be aware of their kids’ activities to keep them safe. However, how can they do that? Well, there is an easy way to fetch someone’s private data through smartphone cloning.

What is Smartphone Cloning, and How to Execute It?

Smartphone cloning—the name diverts your attention toward the physical cloning of smartphones. However, it’s not like that. Smartphone cloning is all about transferring data from the targeted device. It may involve copying of International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) and Subscriber Identity Module (SIM).

How Does Smartphone Cloning work?

Smartphone cloning has always been a hard nut to crack. In the initial years of smartphones, physical access was essential for smartphone cloning. The only way to perform smartphone cloning was through a wired connection. However, things have changed disruptively over the last few years. Now, smartphone cloning is possible remotely. All you need is a spying application like XNSPY to clone and transfer data from any Android or iOS device.

Apart from installing any smartphone monitoring applications, there are plenty of other ways to clone any smartphone. You can either do this with a Bluetooth hacking tool or by copying the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) information.

Here are the details of all three methods of cloning any smartphone.

1.   Smartphone Cloning with a Monitoring Application

Smartphone cloning with the help of a monitoring application is the most suitable way. It does not require much technical knowledge, and you can easily do that yourself. There are many monitoring applications available with numerous features. You can use XNSPY to clone and transfer data from someone’s smartphone.

One thing to remember here is that this act should take place legally. You can clone your kids’ phones to check what they are doing. As a parent, you always want that your kids are safe and sound.

Alongside, you can also clone your employees’ smartphones with their consent. The sole reason for monitoring your employee’s smartphone is to ensure security and enhance productivity. Here’s how you can use XNSPY to clone an Android or IOS device.

  • First of all, you need to visit XNSPY’s official website. The website’s homepage will show the “Try XNSPY Now” option to create an account.
  • After creating an account and buying a subscription, you will receive an email with all instructions. Follow those instructions to get into anyone’s smartphone.

XNSPY is a complete smartphone monitoring software. It is more than just cloning software. A cloning software just transfers data from one device to another. On the other hand, XNSPY not only transfers data but also offers numerous other features. These features include Location Tracking, Call & SMS Tracking, and Social Media & Instant Messaging Tracking.

2.   Smartphone Cloning with a Bluetooth Hacking Software

The idea of cloning a smartphone with the help of Bluetooth hacking software feels intriguing. However, it is less effective and much more complicated than monitoring applications. It is a semi-remote procedure as both devices should be in the range. Here’s how you can clone a smartphone with the help of Bluetooth hacking software.

  • To clone a smartphone through this procedure, you first need to download Bluetooth hacking software. There are a few good software like Super Bluetooth Hack 1.08, Blue Sniff, and Blue Scanner.
  • Download any of these Bluetooth hacking software and install it on your device. Remember to allow installation access from unknown resources.
  • After that, turn on your device’s Bluetooth and connect it with the targeted device. Make sure the targeted device’s Bluetooth is on and in range.
  • You can now clone the targeted devices after a successful connection between both devices.
  • Bluetooth hacking software can track text messages, calls, and multimedia.

Always make sure to download and install legit Bluetooth hacking software. You may face a trojan horse virus/malware attack while applying this practice. So, stay vigilant, and go with software having more positive reviews.

3.   Smartphone Cloning Through Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)

SIM is an integral part of a phone. It is a gateway to communicating with others through the cellular network. Now, the cellular network is limited to text messaging and calling. So, you can only access text messages and call logs through this limited cloning method. It is much more complicated than the other two methods—and hardly used nowadays.

Firstly, you need to download a SIM cloning tool with all the necessary drivers on a PC. This method requires prior programming and technical knowledge. So, if you possess such skills and knowledge, then go for this method. Otherwise, it’s better to stick with the other two.


Out of all these methods, using smartphone monitoring software is the best. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Moreover, there is no physical connectivity, and you get numerous other features too.