4 Ways to Make Your Office Extrovert-Friendly

4 Ways to Make Your Office Extrovert-Friendly

A lot of offices these days still favor the cubicle setting. Many employees find it easy to work around, establishing their workplace privacy. But what about the extroverts? Are they happy with this transition around them? Nope!

Extroverts rely on their peers for energy and motivation. Their productivity depends heavily on the open communication and collaboration. Working in a place that inhibits their outgoing and friendly behavior will only strangulate their survival. This can disengage them at work or even lead to a burnout quickly.

Provide these 4 things in your workplace so that your extrovert employees can engage at work:

Group tasks

Assigning group tasks not only bring in new ideas from various employees, it’s also a great way to bolster your extrovert employees. Because they prefer to converse with other people, the overall productivity and results will improve.

Extroverts can get bored very easily with individual work. Therefore, integration at inter-department or with different departments to execute a task will improve problem solving skills of everyone around.

‘Great Job Mr. Extrovert 123’

Writing a letter, telling your employees how much they have contributed to your company is a highly motivational gesture. Extroverts take praise more strongly than other employees and they are very sensitive to feedbacks and situations that calls for a reward

Organize Social Interaction Events

According to a study, 48 percent of the employees believe that a healthy relationship with co-workers is extremely important. This especially holds true for extroverts. It’s pertinent for entrepreneurs to organize social events that give an opportunity for extroverts to interact, passing on positive vibes and energizing atmosphere

There should be an open environment where employees from different departments can interact and no one part is secluded from others. Workers who don’t typically work together can build better work relationships.

Employers should also facilitate outside-work bonding amongst employees. They don’t have to pay for the outing rather ensure that every employee becomes part of it. An employee monitoring app can help put together tasks like these for employers.

Provide Learning and Development Opportunities

Mentoring your employees is vital for their long term growth or they may burnout within few years. Every new employee should be counselled using internal or external expertise. Extroverts can learn a lot from these opportunities, challenging their extremities, which can be beneficial for the long term success of the business. Once your new extrovert employee gets rugged, handover the mentoring job to them.

Workshops should be conducted to bring in the outside expertise to the company, giving employees an insight to how they can perform their job better.



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