5 Clever Methods With Mobile Spy to Make a Progressive Workplace

5 Clever Methods With Mobile Spy to Make a Progressive Workplace

Life as a manager can sometimes be super chaotic. You’re expected to be at the top of things, yet managing a new business often feels like managing a mad box of kittens. You put one kitten back in the box and the rest of the litter has already escaped. Its times like these you begin to question your own abilities. Don’t worry. You’re not the problem here. You’re one person and you have to take care of several things at the same time. What you need is a good software to help you streamline stuff.

I know what you’re thinking. “We just don’t have the money to invest in expensive software!” or “We can probably manage just fine without it!”

But you know what? Not all management software has to be made from scratch to get the work done; neither does it need thousands of dollars for development. Sometimes, the solutions to your problems can be found on the app store. The challenge then is to use it in a clever enough way to make it work and solve all your problems at the same time.

The app we’re going to be talking about today our mobile spy of course. This is especially designed for employee management. You install it into all the company’s smartphones and tablets so that you can track all the activities your employees are conducting. How does it help in improving performance? Let’s take a look.

1. Checking Locations in Real Time

The first management tool you have with this app is a GPS tracker. This does three things:

  • Tell you your employee’s current location
  • Give you your employee’s location history
  • Allow you to set geo-fences around certain locations and give you alerts on those fences

Say you’ve got outbound employees. Perhaps a sales team that is supposed to meet with clients all day long. Or perhaps a delivery van that is supposed to pick up orders from suppliers and deliver to customers. Maybe your business has other outbound activities.

XNSPY will help you track your employees in real time so you know exactly where they are at any time of the day. You can help plan the best routes, you can make sure they’re not misusing company vehicles, and you can know when a particular order will be delivered.

2. Keeping the Emails Straight

XNSPY also comes with email monitoring. You get to keep an eye on every single day to day correspondences being made through the company’s devices. How is this helpful, you ask?

Well, first off, you can make sure that all client emails are being dealt with in the best way. This can be your quality assurance tool. You can read through emails and make sure that all standard procedures and quality compliance are being performed.

Secondly, it helps you make sure that your company’s private data is not being breached. Unfaithful employees will sometimes mail private data to competitors to secure a job with them. Email monitoring will help you keep a look out for such behavior.

3. Being Vigilant with Photo Sharing

So, what else does your mobile monitoring app do? It allows you to spy on photo gallery as well. You will have access to all the photos stored in the company provided devices, being saved by your employees. Once again, this feature can possibly protect you from espionage. We have heard cases in which unfaithful employees have take photos of financial statements and sent them to competitors. Don’t let there be such careless security breaches. That’s what your employee management app is for—to protect both your employees and your company’s data.

4. Recording Important Phone Calls

This tool will perhaps be of the most importance to you if you’re dealing with a sales team. Say you’ve got a team of 5 salespeople, all of whom are dealing with different sorts of clients. Now, you can be there in person through every single phone call being made to every single client. But you can record those phone calls for check and balance later. If you feel like some deal wasn’t closed because a salesperson dealt with a client wrong, all you have to do is revert back to that particular phone call and give it a listen. You’ll have all the evidence you need to make a management decision.

5. Locking Phones When Necessary

Finally, with the click of a button you can put all the company owned devices on lock until such time that you yourself are ready to unlock it again. This can be a useful feature in dire consequences such as when there has been a security breach but you don’t know where.

At the end of the day, XNSPY mobile spy give you over 36 monitoring features, but it is really up to you where and how you chose to use them. What we’ve given you here is simply an outline of how you can optimize its use.

Now let’s talk price and packaging for once on this blog. We mentioned earlier that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a management app. You can check out our Buy Now page by clicking on the information bar right on top. You can chose a subscription plan—you have monthly, quarterly and yearly. You can even chose which package you want. There’s a basic package that comes with your entire baseline features, and a premium package that comes with features like WhatsApp monitoring, Facebook monitoring and the like. Moreover, you can decide (depending on what devices you have at your company) whether you want XNSPY for Android or iPhone. In case of iPhone, the app comes with Jailbreak and No Jailbreak versions.

Basically, the app is super flexible in that you can choose any platform, price, subscription and package that suit you best. Sure it hasn’t been made from scratch for your company, but really it is all in how you use it. Once you start using it, you’d feel like just for you!


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