5 Reasons You Should Be Monitoring Employees on the Go

5 Reasons You Should Be Monitoring Employees on the Go

Are you still not quite convinced that you should be using an employee monitoring software?

This is 2016, people, and the benefits of using apps to make everyday tasks easier are now clearer than ever. If you’re choosing to turn your back on the new wave of management just because you’re too comfortable with the status quo, I can easily predict that you’re going to find yourself in a state of stagnation pretty soon. Time to step it up, my friend. Technology and all the goodies that come with it are in the air. Time to use it to your benefit now when it counts.

This is why you should be thinking about remotely monitoring employees:

1.     To Increase Work Productivity

When your employees are aware of that fact that the work they do is being monitored, their sense of accountability is revised. They will know that you’re aware of how they spend their time in the office, what their day to day activities are and how productive they are being with their time. This consciousness of being monitored will drive them into action as they try to do the best job they possibly can in order to impress their bosses.

2.     To Monitor Work as it Happens

The second benefit of monitoring employees on the go is the fact that you can keep an eye on their work as it happens. You can measure output, check for quality, see that the right jobs are being assigned to the right people. Sometimes, a manager may misread an employee’s abilities and assign them tasks that are not necessarily suited to their temperament. In this case, you can step in before things go wrong and see that there are person job fits in your company.

3.     To Give Timely Feedback

The reason why there are always delays in feedbacks and employee assessments is the fact that most bosses don’t quite know what employees do on a day to day basis. So when the calendar strikes “Annual Review”, they take an overall look at their work and come at a rushed decision. When you’re got employee monitoring app on your side, you’ve get a chance to—as we mentioned above—know what’s going on with your employees in real time. This means you can give timely feedback, giving your employees a chance to correct themselves if they are in the wrong and a motivation to keep on doing better, knowing their good work is acknowledged.

4.     To Work Well Under Strict Deadlines

When you are aware of what person is right for what job, you can remotely assign tasks for projects. From there on, you can track tasks, time spent on each project manual, correspondences made with different clients, and the rights and wrongs of every project. Thus, you can make sure that every person on the team is doing their part and that everything is being delivered in a timely manner.

5.     For Employee Security

Another thing that XNSPY is used for is employee security itself. Chances are that you’ve got a lot of outbound staff. Perhaps you have a sales team that meets with clients all day. Perhaps you have truck drivers who take your shipment from point A to point B. In all of those cases, you need to make sure that employee security is of the utmost importance to you. Your tracker will help you do just that.

Still not convinced?

Here’s a shocking news story about a pizza delivery guy who was attacked while he was out delivering pizzas. There’s a lot more that can go wrong if the odds are against you.

Step it up and be the modern, digital manager you need to be.


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