5 Survival Tips for the Newly Recruited Manager


A lot of people view getting a managerial position as a step in the right direction. You’re making progress in your career, and that’s great. But if it is your first time as a manager, you may have to face a lot of adversity. The awkwardness will come from managing people that were your friends and colleagues before. Even more so from people who may be more experienced than you, or feel like they deserved the spot way more than you did.

Even so, it is possible to overcome all these odds and ace your job. You just need 5 survival tips.

1.      Don’t Focus on Being Popular

The first things new managers worry about right away is the inevitable loss of popularity that comes with the new post. You may have been fairly sociable in your old days, but with managing, you can’t worry about keeping people happy all the time. If you focus on being liked, you will fail to reach your goals. Set standards and deadlines for getting the job done and encourage everyone to deliver on time. You don’t have to turn mean either… just remember that you are now the boss. And people will dislike your authority no matter what you do.

2.      Be Approachable

Do not create a wall between you and your team. Yes, you’ve got to be assertive to meet your goals, but you don’t have to be unfair. Being a manager does not just end at meeting deadlines and completing tasks. You have to take care of the people in your team as well. You need to know the people in your team on a personal level, understand what ticks them off and what motivates them. An open door policy will make your team trust you more. They would come to you with their problems instead of wreaking havoc elsewhere.

3.      Plan Collectively and Individually

Tip number 3: make 2 game plans at the beginning of every week/month/quarter. One collectively for the team, and the other for individual members of the team. As a manager, you have to learn to judge people’s capabilities and assign duties accordingly. Make a day to day plan and remind yourself to manage your team. New managers will often fall back into old ways and focus on their own work, forgetting that they have other people to watch over as well.

4.      Work on Everyone

Start finding out ways to influence your team. This can only be done if your communication is effective and you know how to motivate not just the team as a whole, but everyone in it as well. Think of how bad you felt when your boss made you feel like just another face in the crowd. Therefore, stop thinking in terms of departments (Marketing department, sales team, finance guys etc.) and work on every single person that is working with you.

5.      Make Employee Monitoring Your Best Friend

Finally, you will need to develop a third eye if you’re going to be a successful manager. And the only way to do it is through an employee monitoring app. It saves times and effort and keeps you in the know at all times. More importantly, it will definitely help you relax. Be prepared that you may face resistance, but also know that it isn’t always that bad. Every now and then you may get to mentor someone or help someone get through a sticky situation, and that will be the most rewarding experiences of them all.


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