5 Ways Employees Waste Time When their Bosses Aren’t Looking

Employees Waste Time

It really is quite satisfying when you walk into the office and find all your employees engrossed deeply in their assignments. It’s probably an ode to your management skills, isn’t it? I bet they’d be just fine if you just get step out for a wee bit for a cup of coffee.

Except they won’t be, and you know that quite well. Wasting time at work is a time honored tradition, and to be honest, it is expected of a 9-to-5 job format. So the best you can do is find out how they’re wasting time at your office and try to control it from there on.

1.      Water Cooler Chats

The number one way time is wasted at most offices is through water cooler chats. Excessive workplace socializing has been notorious for decreasing productivity and being the birthplace for office rumors. But it has also proven to be good for business. Your job is to decipher if the water cooler effect at your workplace is in your favor or not.

2.      Social Media Fixations

Let’s be honest, in 2015, the biggest culprit of time wastage at work has to be social media. Anytime your get a push notification, you just have to pick up your phone and see what it is. And social platforms are a rabbit hole where once you’re gone, you’ve lost all track of time. Even these platforms have realized that they’ve become a thorn on employer’s sides. Which is probably why Facebook is looking to develop Facebook for Work so workers can waste time… responsibly.

3.      Swivel Chair Rides

Okay, so this one’s a stretch, we’ll admit it. But the disengaged employee will do anything that’s not work. And swivel chair rides is a more popular pastime office activity than you know. And why wouldn’t it be when it is technically a sport?

4.      Zoning Out

What else do employees do to waste time at work? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And this one is trickiest to control. Because interaction and office chair shenanigans can be monitored with employee surveillance apps. But how do you tell if an employee has spaced out or if they’re actually working staring at their computer screens?

5.      Applying Elsewhere

If your employee is well and truly unhappy where they are, they’re probably going to start applying elsewhere using the resources you give them. And this costs you, because not only as they wasting time as it is, they don’t plan to be productive later on, either.

What Needs to be Done

Your first instinct would be to stop anything in the office that is directly involved in wasting time, get rid of all the distractions. But then you’ll be creating an atmosphere that no one wants to work in. Name Badges provides some insight (and solutions) to this problem…

Your employees need breaks to stay functional. But if they’re wasting time as a habit, that’s when you interfere. I’ve shared how I try to get rid of procrastination. Other than that, an employee management app should help you monitor, so things at the office don’t get too out of hand.


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