5 Ways You Can Use Facebook to Enhance Your Business

5 Ways You Can Use Facebook to Enhance Your Business

Facebook usually gets a lot of flak for a lot of reasons like promoting fake news or usually being associated as a waste of time for teen by traditional media or even us. Facebook is criticized for promoting depression in teen and for a whole plethora of reasons.

But what people don’t usually seem to pay attention to or realize is the business aspect of Facebook. Facebook is like god sent for business owners, especially small business owners because of the almost nothing costs of marketing and promotion business can take advantage of.

A social media presence especially on Facebook can have a serious impact on business growth and success.  More and more businesses are foregoing websites for Facebook pages because of the immense amount of reach the website has and in turn the immense amount of benefits one can reap should not be ignored. Some businesses are solely known for their online presence and interaction.

Here are some serious advantages of having a Facebook page for your business:

1. Getting the Word Out

Facebook has 1.19billion users and growing. With SUCH a wide audience, a business can have a presence in the market and can gain potential clients and opportunities. It should be the priority of any business owner to run a Facebook page. Facebook provides promotion services for pages where your advertisements can reach a wider audience than before for a small fee. Just having people know about your business and your services is enough to see potential growth and a dedicated client base.

2. Low Cost Marketing Strategies

The catchphrase on the Facebook sign up page says “it’s free and always will be”. Facebook lets users sign up for free and this is a huge advantage for business owners who don’t have the means to create a website yet. They might later find that they don’t even need a website and if they do, the Facebook page will help in sending traffic to your website. You can immediately start promoting on Facebook and reach to an audience worldwide, or a target audience you were hoping to get, depending on how you strategize and you can turn this target audience into potential customers.

3. A Place to Operate Your Business

Assume that you now have an established clientele and your business is now up and running. You will very soon find that customers will be ordering for services through Facebook instead of coming to the place where you actually operate from.  And this is how your Facebook page will become a store in itself. Facebook provides very handy tools to show products and prices and even services to place orders. Facebook will do half of the job for you! It is very important to maintain a good track record of good services on Facebook, because a bad experience will lead to a bad review! And speaking of reviews…

4. Customer Interaction

Facebook by its nature is a website for communication and thus users will feel more ‘at home’ on the website and will find it more un-daunting to communicate with a business. A lot of people won’t even make the effort of writing to you from your website if they find it too unappealing or un-intuitive. Websites usually come off as a huge filter or wall between the customer and the company representative, user feel as though they will not be responded to or their query might not be adhered to. Whereas on Facebook customers can write to you directly either for inquiries, complaints or suggestions. And almost everyone you know has a Facebook account so staying connected with them shouldn’t really be an issue. Any query or suggestion can be sent straight to the chat, like any other friend or acquaintance you would contact. This will give them a sense of trust with you because they will feel like they are talking directly to the person who can solve whatever issue they have, instead of having it run through several unnecessary filters. They will also feel much more ‘at home’ with you and your company because they literally did not have to leave a place they are always on (Facebook) and you as a business can handle each inquiry with personal attention and details and have a positive influence on people’s experiences. It’s easier to keep track of who sent what and when because of the chat feature, an automatic log is kept and you can always go back to a specific customer for their query or special rewards,

5. Customer Feedback

Another way you can interact with your clientele is by having events, give away, special discounts and exclusive deals through Facebook, so they feel special adhered to. No customer will feel like they are being ignored and this will help establish loyalty with the brand. This can further be extended to customer support.

One way you can gain serious feedback and insight into your customer base and what they really want is by using this tool called Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights gives you, well, insight into who exactly using your page, when they are and what time your page is most active. Demographics, analytics and feedback, all you would need to maintain a user base. You will have an idea of what age group views your page, what they like and how many people they are connected to, so a branching out scheme is laid that you can take advantage of.

Your business will only grow when on Facebook as satisfied users will sometimes go out of their way to promote your brand by sharing, liking and commenting. Not only satisfied customers, but your ads and marketing techniques will be all over Facebook reaching to audiences you want to target and audiences you will potentially want to conduct business with. Although you can have a social media presence on other platforms as well, and you should, but the advantages of Facebook truly take the cake here.

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