How Mobile Monitoring Helps This Dad of a Teenager Keep Disaster at Bay

How Mobile Monitoring Helps This Dad of a Teenager Keep Disaster at Bay

We have received plenty of stories and testimonies from users who have tried and tested the software and who have found it be of some or other use to them. Today we received a story from a single father who downloaded the app and how it helped it out. This is his story:

I am a single father. I have a teenage daughter who is my life. Our family was still very young when my wife passed away, my daughter too young to understand what was happening but I had to pull through for her, I had to stay strong and be her rock.

I’m not going to say it was always easy. She was sometimes very frustrated with my shortcomings and I was always frustrated of not knowing what to do. I never grew up with a sister so having to raise a little girl was a bit of a challenge. She knew I was trying and was patient enough to let me help her, as she knew I was trying to be patient. Not long after the passing of her mother, my daughter and I developed a very strong bond and we became each other’s primary support.

My daughter is growing up to be a strong woman, very fearless and likes to challenge things on her own. She is 16 now but very mature for her age as circumstances led her to be. She, however, is still young and vulnerable. With her growing up, she likes to be independent more which means that she spends more time without me. And I’m going to be perfectly honest, the thought of her going away or detaching herself from me makes me sort of panic. It might sound a little selfish, but she is what gets me up every morning and if it wouldn’t for her, I would not have been this okay.

So yes, I am a little protective of her but I know I can’t keep her ‘locked’ up, she has to grow up and leave the nest sometime. And I talked to her about this. I told her my insecurities and she assured me that she isn’t going anywhere and I was so adamant about knowing how she was when she wasn’t physically with me, then I could try this app she knew about. XNSPY.

I was at first weary at the concept of this app, being able to track her real time location and message and call logs seemed like too much. She explained to me that for my peace of mind, it was the best solution I could ask for. And boy was she right.

I downloaded the app as she asked me, and when she was out and about, sometimes out with friends, sometimes late at school or sometimes just anywhere where her friends planned to go, I knew where she was and what she was doing. I could be with her, without being with her and that is all that I could have hoped for really. I could make sure she was safe, still make sure that was was not in any danger and I could help if God forbid she was in danger. I can’t begin to tell you how much of a peace of mind this app has brought me.

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She is relieved about it too, that I’m not calling her every two minutes to ask where she is and when she’ll be coming home! I’m so proud of her, happy that she took with step with me, happy that she’s teaching me how to cope with her growing up.

I wanted to write this for anyone in the same situation as me. I was, I guess too protective of her and that could have been damaging to her growth. This app is teaching that she can be independent, that she can live without me and I can live without her. Sure it may seem hyperbolic, but if it weren’t for this app I would have been in a real crisis. I might even be okay with her going away for college, although we haven’t talked about that prospect yet!

Anyways, try XNSPY out, it helped me, it could help you.

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