6 Ways to Help your Teenagers to Choose a Career Path

6 Ways to Help your Teenagers to Choose a Career Path

Young people in high schools possess full enthusiasm and passion to accomplish their dreams. The current economic and social changes in the world are forcing young people to take part-time jobs. Young people need skills to prepare them for new challenges. 

As today’s parents are super busy, they often fail to devote hours to guide their children regarding career options and opportunities. Many teenagers look for either summer jobs or evening jobs to meet their financial needs. These jobs provide them ample opportunities to learn new skills and understand the value of money. 

According to Statista, teenager unemployment rates have risen to 8.6% in 2019. This is because there are fewer jobs available for low-skilled people with good wages. Most employers do not take risk of losses by hiring unskilled adolescents. Moreover, due to changes in the academic calendar, most teenagers work unpaid internships, which do add to their employment credentials. 

If your kid has basic coding or designing skills, they might be able to help real businesses out there to multiply their skills. You can encourage them to start their own business or guide them to get part-time jobs to support their educational endeavors. 

The statistics also show that almost 17% of people between 16 to 29 are neither in schools nor employed by organizations. For young people, career planning should move away from the traditional search for jobs to developing new skills. 

Amidst all the confusion, parents can help their kids to choose a career path to add value to their lives. Let us get started. 

1. Get them a Part-Time Job 

Part-time jobs are great teachers for young kids to gain valuable real-life skills. Encouraging teens to get a salesperson job does not mean you are encouraging them to sell burgers for the rest of their lives. It means you are encouraging them to learn time management and communication skills. 

Part-time jobs also help teens to discover their own likes and dislikes.

2. Learn by Volunteering or Taking Classes 

If your teen is wasting time aimlessly during holidays, you can encourage them to learn valuable skills through volunteering. For example, some companies and startups always embrace unpaid work or need volunteers due to budget constraints. Teens can gain valuable skills and happily perform volunteering work. 

Moreover, if your kid loves cooking or debating, you can allow them to take related courses at local institutes to grow their skills. 

3. Research Careers with Fields of Interest 

Kids can search different online resources and search the suggested jobs according to their interests. For example, they can research the average income related to that job; they can visit job boards such as Indeed and Glassdoor to make smart career choices for their future. 

Since many students wish to pursue a dream job that pays well; searching related career sites can expand their knowledge to find an ideal employer.