A Few Eye-Opening Stats for the eParent in Training

Kids know way more about smartphones and tablets than their parents do, and that’s exactly the problem. Parents that didn’t jump the internet bandwagon as it began so naturally, they struggle to understand the true nature of platforms like social media. As a result, most parents find themselves playing catchup, so teaching internet etiquette seems like a longshot.

When parents don’t know enough, they’ll either resort to banning phones and internet altogether. Which frankly, in this day and age isn’t probably their wisest choice. Or they’d leave their kids be with their smartphones, no intervention required. That’s not too good either.

So today, we want those parents to go through a few stats that should open their eyes to how their children use their phones, what their habits and patterns are, and how they are effected by cyber issues. Take a look at this really informative infographic by Brandwatch:

Here are a few things to take away from this infographic:

  • Most kids share photos of themselves online
  • 57% kids have admitted to accidentally accessing, or actively seeking out inappropriate content
  • Most kids are fearful of being bullied online
  • A shocking number of kids view content related to self-harm
  • 83% parents still think their kids use the internet safely

You, as parents, may not be very familiar with digital platforms, but you’d still be familiar with the content within. And that’s how you can tell if their habits are okay or not. You don’t have to be a tech expert or anything like that to be an eParent. Get a simple parental monitoring tool and go through what your child actually views and experiences on their phone. As long as you can point out the right and wrong in that, you’ll be fine.



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