Anatomy of an XNSPY Dad—Father’s Day Special

Anatomy of an XNSPY Dad—Father’s Day Special

Let’s get one thing straight: XNSPY Dads are not built like regular Dads. The way they look after their kids is far from conventional. Heck, their daily routines are probably way different than normal dads too. But that is what makes them the New Age Dad, and we think it is kind of awesome.

What’s the stuff that an XNSPY Dad is made up of then?

A Different Morning Paper

You know dads seem to have all the trivia in the world because they like to read the morning paper over their cup of coffee? They probably have a secret dad joke column on there that none of us know of. But XNSPY Dads are in a different league altogether because they read an entirely different kind of morning paper.

A XNSPY Dad starts off his day by reading his kid’s internet history. Nothing starts a day like scrolling through every one of your child’s visited websites. It’s a bonus if you find inappropriate content, because that reinforces your Dad duty more than anything else.

A  Different Drive-to-School Ritual

A normal dad would then drive his kids to school and maybe look about for playground bullies he’d report later on in the day.

A XNSPY Dad drives his kids to schools and immediately marks restricted areas around the school. Your teen is in the rebellious phase, so you wouldn’t want him to be sneaking out of school now, would you?

Bonus points if the Dads go the extra mile each morning to embarrass their children with a lot of love in front of their friends.

A Different Check-up Style

A normal dad would then maybe give his kids a call during lunchtime to find out how they are or what they’re doing.

A XNSPY Dad? Well, they already know what their child has been doing. They have GPS tracking you see, so they know exactly where their kid is and what they’ve been doing. Call them paranoid, but I warned you—an XNSPY dad is not a regular dad at all. They know their children are minors and while they’re under their care, the Dads should use all the technology to their benefit. They are the Ironmen of Dads if we’re being honest.

A Different Table Conversation

A normal dad then sits the entire family together and dinner time and perhaps asks “How was your day?”

And a XNSPY Dad—you can bet your bottom dollar—knows exactly how the day went because he’s been recording their calls and reading all their IMs. He can look right through “I’ve been in my room the entire time” cover-ups. You just can’t fool him.

Call them overprotective, call them cautious. But the thing is, at the end of the day, XNSPY dads are far better connected to their kids than normal dads. They know the places their kids go. They know the kinds of music they listen to. They know what makes them happy when they talk to their friends, and they know what makes them anxious. And most importantly, they know what’s on their mind without having to ask. And that’s what being a dad is all about.

But hey! It’s not easy being a XNSPY Dad you know. So, to all the Daddies who’ve been working hard, I wish you have a very special Father’s Day!


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