Cyberattacks, Data Leaks, and Privacy – How Monitoring Apps Help in the Workplace

Cyberattacks, Data Leaks, and Privacy – How Monitoring Apps Help in the Workplace

The rate of cybercrime has grown in tandem with technological improvement. According to a report, cyber attackers can breach 93% of corporate networks. Threat actors can penetrate the firewalls of the company security system and obtain access to local resources in financial institutions, energy firms, government agencies, IT enterprises, and other industries. Hackers can often access an organization’s corporate network in only two days.

In 2021, emails were used as a medium to transmit more than 84 percent of all cyberattacks. This represents a sharp increase from 2019 when just 64% of all cyberattacks were delivered by email. Expect more hackers to use this attack vector as more individuals access e-mail through their mobile devices.

It states that a minor mistake on the employee’s end can cost the company a huge loss either in the form of money or secret information. This can happen when employees start using company-provided devices for their personal use.  

Although network firewalls are efficient in preventing hackers from accessing company data and information, apps used by employees for their email, social media, and video conferencing might make them susceptible. If only a single employee becomes a victim of a cyberattack, the attacker can easily reach the company’s database and access all the information within a few minutes. Moreover, sidelining the employees for several hours or days will even double the loss. If you are looking for more cyberattack stats, you can find them all here.

Internal Security Shortcomings in Todays Corporate Sector

Knowledge is a powerful tool, particularly in the hands of your rivals. A weapon of contemporary economic warfare is information about your business, its goods and services, finances, sales, and marketing plans. The following are some of the internal security shortcomings in today’s corporate sector that can cause deprivation to the company.

· Bad Actors

A bad actor can be an entity trying to take down or violate computer security. They are the enemies that are attempting to crash your system or take your data. They are the ones you are defending yourself from by implementing strict security measures and procedures. Bad actors are sometimes referred to as threat actors, cyber threat actors (CTA), and malicious actors. They may also be identified by the particular activity they engage in on occasion. Take cybercriminals, hacktivists, etc. as examples.

Both internal and external bad actors are possible. (However, external reasons for terrible actors are more typical.) There are several categories of evil actors, and each has its objectives and motives.

  • Cybercriminals
  • Hacktivists
  • Insiders
  • Cyber-terrorists
  • Government

Insiders, though, are a potential problem for businesses. An unsavory character enters your company as an insider. They could be partners in a company, consultants, current or former workers, etc. They intend to assault from within to get past cybersecurity defenses. They could then steal and sell data, disrupt systems, or both.

· Data Leaks

When sensitive information is released to unauthorized persons or groups, this is referred to as a data leak. A brief examination of news sources reveals that data leaks occur with frightening frequency. Consequently, if information about business deals or tender information is leaked, the organization may suffer a significant income loss.

These are some of the primary issues raised by data leakages:

  • Non-secure tools are used to share information.
  • Employees stealing company information
  • Employees accidentally share confidential information.
  • Information was accidentally sent to the wrong recipients.
  • Phishing scams

· Data Espionage

Espionage is the activity of spying or deploying spies to gather information about a company’s actions and intentions, particularly those of a competitor. Data espionage is a sort of cyberattack in which an individual gets confidential, sensitive information or intellectual property in order to outcompete a competitor.

This sort of espionage usually entails one firm spying on another in order to gain information that might help or hinder their competitor’s business. Internal assistance (existing employee), on the other hand, plays an essential part in data espionage by providing a route for breaking into a company’s network to acquire sensitive information, or by utilizing phishing or email spoofing scams to get secret information or transmit it to a rival.

· Privacy Issues 

Except for the mentioned technical issues, several other problems are caused by the employees. Usually, companies do not bother to check the person’s background and record before hiring them. Although it is a controversial act, it is important for the sake of your company as well as employees’ goodwill. Adding a rotten egg to a workplace can cause big problems. However, if there is a person already employed at your company, the new hire will always be on steak.

Therefore, employers are justifiably concerned about threats to or in the workplace, such as harassment issues, identity theft, bullying, offensive behaviors, drug use, violence, and others.

What Can Companies Do to Prevent Such Issues?

To prevent technical problems as well as privacy issues in the workplace, human resources and tech teams work together to find possible solutions to such problems. However, they ended up with the idea of monitoring the employee’s activities to make a workplace safe and secure in terms of information and personal safety.

Therefore, monitoring someone’s activities has become so easy due to the availability of numerous employee surveillance apps. Now, the task is to pick the best out of many. So, while getting your hands on a monitoring app, you should see if the app has all the important features at an excellent affordable price and reliability. Keeping that in mind, Xnspy is perfectly developed to fit your search scale as it offers a range of monitoring features without burdening your pocket. Moreover, if you are planning to buy a spying app, here’s what you should know first.

What is Xnspy?

Xnspy is an employee monitoring application that allows you to keep track of the employee’s activities without them knowing. With the Xnspy employee monitoring app, you can find out if any of the employees are trying to put the company’s information or data at risk or if any of the employees are trying to reach out to competitors and try to sell you out.

The app has a variety of monitoring features that will help you to find bad actors in a workplace, including:

  • GPS Location Tracker and Geofencing: This feature is beneficial to businesses that work with distributors and provide external services to the company. With GPS location tracking, the employer can easily trace the location of the target user and even see the previous locations they have visited.
  • Viewing text messages and call logs: If any of the employees are working with competitors or some anonymous firm, with the help of viewing their text messages and call logs, you can easily find out with whom they are concerned and what they are up to.
  • Recordings of surroundings and calls: It is difficult to always keep an eye on your employee’s activity. However, with the call and surrounding recording features of Xnspy, you can easily listen to what you have missed and any plans your employees are making behind the walls.
  • Reading Emails: A bad actor would never use their official email account to defraud the company. However, with Xnspy, you can read their emails and discover whether they are sharing any confidential information with competitors.

Multiple other monitoring features can help you track your employee’s activities. However, Xnspy offers all these useful features at a cheap price without burning a hole in your pocket. Before installing Xnspy on any phone, take a quick look at the table below to select an appropriate subscription plan.

Monthly $44.99 per month
Quarterly $24.99 per month
Yearly $9.99 per month

However, being an employer, it is a must to keep track of your employees’ activities to protect their sensitive data and personal information. However, companies should adopt the process of a full inspection of the person before hiring them to know if they have any bad records with their previous companies. Using a monitoring application keeps you informed of current events and allows you to stay one step ahead of treacherous people and their actions. For any further inquiries, leave a comment in the section below.