Don’t Let the Fate of the Furious Decide Your Own Child’s Fate

The latest installment to the very popular Fast And Furious series has just been released and car enthusiasts along with fans of the series are ecstatic. This movie was a quintessential version to the series because of the mystery revolving around the ‘fate’ of the series, since the late Paul Walker suddenly and tragically passed away, was shrouded in mystery. People weren’t sure that they were going to see another movie.

But rest assured, they got what they wanted with more possible sequels to come.  The series has set and broken numerous records and has been a cornerstone for car enthusiasts to go back to. The film series has perhaps influenced and created an entire generation of car enthusiasts, who spend huge amounts of money to buy, upgrade and race cars.

Although it has harbored much talent, The Fast and the Furious has also inspired some very dangerous and illegal street racing. Street-racing that can very well lead to dangerous accidents, arrests, involvement in crowds that you wouldn’t to be involved with and much more.  And this sort of culture usually attracts the teenager who thinks that having cool cars racing is the way to be successful and cool.  We all know that kid who had a shoddy car and he’d try to get into street races. We all knew how much trouble he’d get into

Fast And Furious Checks

Your child may very well be one of those kids. It isn’t impossible for someone to be interested in cars enough to be involved in racing and you should be aware if your child is. Here are a few checks you should have to see if your child has a little too much interest in cars:

· Check If They’re Interested In Cars at All

The obvious first step is checking to see if your child is interested in cars or racing or even the Fast and the Furious series at all. You can casually ask them a model of a car when you’re driving or just ask them. It isn’t any harm to be interested in this culture but you’re looking for a pattern here.

· Check Where They Spend Their Time After School

This should be a no brainer for any parent, but if you’re worried about your child falling into this culture, the last thing you want is your child hanging out some shady looking garage owned by a ‘friend’s cousin’ after school. The thing with garages and racing is that they’re very often connected to gangs and letting your child hanging out there might be joining this gang without even knowing it.

Watch for their behavior and talk to them. You can harbor their interests in a much safer way and have them achieve the same passion for cars as they would with in illegal street-racing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with The Fast and The Furious but you should parent up when your child takes negative influence from any hobby they might take interest in.


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