Efficient Customer Retention Can Be the Turning Point for Any Organization

Efficient Customer Retention Can Be the Turning Point for Any Organization

Whether you are a small or a large company, your business revolves around your customer. The service sector now is larger than it has ever been—customer service has become the vehicle that drives any business. It doesn’t matter if your product itself is not the absolute best in the market; a steady customer service can sell anything.

Here are two key customer service tips that are guaranteed to win over your target audience and perhaps attract some new ones:

It is Impossible to Have Happy Customers Without Happy Employees

Let us image that you run a hotel business. Right away, your customer (or in this case, your guest) would walk towards the hotel lobby, and talk to Joe, the employee behind the information desk, the concierge. They would perhaps ask for information or want to check into a room. Joe, the very person who is working the counter, then becomes the face of your organization. A customer’s first impression of your hotel will be based on how the conversation between him and your employee went. And thus it is important that Joe is happy and satisfied with his position in the organization. If he is over-worked, is not paid enough, or is not treated well enough, he would be demotivated and it would show in his performance. Joe would be irritable, would not be warm and inviting to customers. If he is disconnected enough, he might slip in a word or two about how the hotel next door has cleaner bathrooms, or how this place is full of rats. In any case, the first impression of your hotel would then go to the dogs.

Your employee needs to be happy enough with his position in the company to generate good customer services. Remember, it is not you that gets to talk to the customers, it is them. It might even be worthwhile to invest in good customer service training for Joe.

Personal Is Better

Customers feel much closer to your company if you build a good inter-personal relationship with them. Building customer value should be your company’s top priority—it is after all what solidifies brand loyalty.

Say you are an internet service provider. In a market that is becoming increasingly competitive, your customer services are what are going to set you apart a lot more than your actual internet service. Think about it as a customer: would you rather have a speedy internet that crashes and fluctuates a lot and you have no one to complain to and fixing does not happen fast enough, or would you choose a moderate speed internet facility that is always ready to provide you with assistance the moment a problem occurs?

ISPs with a better and a more personal customer service are preferred over those with a better technology. Personalized emails, a friendly and cooperative helpline service, and holiday cards all help in building a good personal relationship.

More important that any customer service tips is adaptability—be it with customers or the system.


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