Employee Management Trends that Will Emerge in 2016

Employee Management Trends that Will Emerge in 2016

Let’s go out on a limb and make some predictions for the coming year, shall we? Management continues to evolve and become more complex than it has been before. But these are the few things we are sure will emerge in 2016.

Younger Talent in Top Spots

The Millennials are growing up and moving up the corporate ladder. Baby boomers on the other hand are retiring and moving out of their ranks. This means we can expect a lot of changes in the way many companies are run. We already know that traditional hierarchal structures haven’t been fan favorites for a long time. This year will possibly bring them to the forefront in a bigger way.

More Apps for Management

Another thing that is sure to come with Gen-Y finally taking the helm? Digitalization of even the littlest management tasks. Hiring young talent to take over web responsibility and going digital has become increasingly common. But now as more of these people are taking up management spots, we can expect digitalization to become more than just a buzzword that works as a side project. We feel that it will now be integrated into the whole of the organization, across all departments and functions. We’re talking more than ERP systems that are often overly sophisticated in function—we’re talking apps with a one-tap system that the Millennials have grown up with. These kids are characterized by their impatience, their ability to say a lot more in a lot less and their very short attention spans. But as it turns out, this is a great thing.

Transparency in Monitoring

Finally, another thing that that Gen-Y has grown up with is too much information. Not just the wealth of information, but also the ease of accessibility of it. This is why workplaces are becoming increasingly like fish bowls. Departments cannot work in secrecy anymore. Whatever a single employee does is known to the entire company—and that is in part due the way monitoring employees is changing. Workers are moved to focus more on self-supervision and accountability. This means they are free to work as they wish as long as they bring home results. But that doesn’t mean that the employers don’t play their part. It is simply that monitoring has gone wireless just like any other aspect of the digitalized workplace. Take the XNSPY employee monitoring app for example. Increasingly, more and more companies are adopting the ‘management by staying away’ technique by giving the right amount of space with the right amount of monitoring. And you what? It is generating results.

This is the year Gen-Y will take control and you’ll find that the things you scoffed at—the lingo, the short attention spans, the instant communications—will be the very things that drive us to success.


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