Facebook Using Your Likes to Target Ads and Track Browsing Habits

Facebook Using Your Likes to Target Ads and Track Browsing Habits

Here is something that we here at XNSPY have been warning you about, probably from the very get go: Facebook tracks your likes and browsing history to target you with ads. In the past, we have talked to you about managing your child’s online reputation because everything on the internet leaves a digital footprint. And we also discussed in detail how even deleted content is saved in social media servers all around the world, so the stuff you want gone is still out there in one form or the other. Now, you know for sure that your browser history is closely monitored by what you like on Facebook. Because this social network’s gurus are selling all this information to marketing companies that want to target you with ads.

How Likes Lead to Targeting

Facebook ad targeting uses algorithms that use data from a user’s like and share buttons. These buttons are placed all over the webpage as well as the Facebook mobile app. The buttons have a bit of code that make your browser deliver information to Facebook’s servers. This way, they have made a new and improved way of filtering relevant data that can be used for a more efficient ad targeting. So, any website you visit after that will be recorded, and next time you visit the social network, you will see ads that are relevant to your interests and browsing habits. It’s not just people they are networking—they have now created an entire advertisement network.

By extension, this targeting system will be used on other services that Facebook has acquired including WhatsApp and Instagram.

You’re Always Being Tracked

People were always sure that data saved from all their activates on Facebook is used by marketing companies and other agencies. However, it is a little unsettling to know that you will continue to be tracked by Facebook even when you’re not on Facebook. Nevertheless, the Stephen Deadman of the company hopes that by using social media widgets on different websites, along with the Like and Share buttons, people will be able to get more relevant ads for an overall better experience.

Monitoring in Your Hands

At XNSPY, we empower parents and employers by putting monitoring in their own hands. Keeping track of your company’s online activity is important not only in keeping its online presence, but also to protect its data. Imagine having important strategic plans infringed because your browser is tracked. Similarly, our parental control app lets parents watch over what their kids share online and take the necessary steps to avoid potential disaster.

This just goes to show that a couple of lines of code is all it takes for you to be tracked by a third party, whether you like it or not. Take control of monitoring and you’d be able to protect the people you’re responsible for. The data being shared with third parties is sensitive. While you may not be able to stop it from being transmitted to other companies altogether, you can control the kind of data they are going to get.

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