Going Digital With Fleet Management is the Need of the Hour

Going Digital With Fleet Management is the Need of the Hour

Internet marketing has paved way for an entire virtual marketplace that has enabled entrepreneurs to start off independently. That’s the good news. The bad news is; an intangible workspace makes management harder than you’d think. Fleet managers lose money at every bit of the supply chain. Demand is never constant, and businesses find themselves at odd with retailers and warehouses, all because of a poorly managed logistics system. When relying on so many people who are out-bound, businesses seem to take a little bit of leap of faith. All the while, the easiest solution is to make their operations go digital, too.

There is no other way around it, really. It is the need of the hour. Even if you’ve got to make a tiny investment into going digital (which you won’t always have you—keep reading ahead to find out why) it is absolutely worth it. Businesses that stay analog eventually become obsolete. They lose out to competitors because they’re simply not as fast, as efficient or as cost effective as the others.

And here’s why your fleet needs to take in the mobile storm:

1.      It’s Not that Expensive

The top reason why small businesses don’t go digital right away is because of expenses. But the biggest misconception is that to start any business that involves delivery, you’re going to need a massive budget for sophisticated security systems, or at the very least, tracking devices for every vehicle. Do a little bit of research and you’ll realize that employee tracking doesn’t have to be so expensive when you’re starting out. Because you’ve been thinking actual 007 type trackers when you should be thinking in terms of mobile apps. There are lots of efficient apps that are willing to do the job for very little. For example, XNSPY, which is works brilliantly as an employee app, can be downloaded under $10 for a month.

2.      It Minimizes Risk

Going digital is going to control (if not end) leakages from theft, miscommunication, misplacement and other technical issues. You will be able to keep an eye on your goods as they travel across the supply chain, so you won’t be blindsided anymore. Because you’d be tracking employees, you can make sure they’re delivering the goods where they are supposed to.

3.      It Allows Transparent Communication

Your employees will understand that by going digital, they have greater accountability. A tracking app will lay it all out in the open so communication between you and your fleet staff will be transparent. Managers will be able to regulate and direct staff more precisely. This also makes both the employee and manager’s jobs easier.

4.      It Manages Expenses

Another great thing about going digital? It manages your expenses. A good tracking app will also allow you to do a fair bit of route monitoring, so you can decide what the shortest distances are. This will save fuel cost. The managers can also be sure that employees aren’t using company vehicles for personal purposes.

Employee tracking is way more accessible than one would think. The internet has made it possible for entrepreneurs to start their business right at home. But all your operations need to go digital too, not just your presence.


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