How I Learned As a Mother to Convince Myself That Tracking Is Imperative

How I Learned As a Mother to Convince Myself That Tracking Is Imperative

A new year and a fresh new onslaught of stories from parents! We have thoroughly missed this segment on our blog and are super excited to bring you brand new stories from XNSPY parents. Here is a story of a mother who realized that living in the digital revolution requires some unlearning and relearning…

When I first heard about cellphone tracking for my children, I was immediately apprehensive. I thought it was an invasion of privacy of my children. If they were to ever find out, they would never trust me again. But at the same time, these same children who are now old enough, often disappear without me having an ounce of an idea of where they are. I’m not going to sugar-coat it, my children are difficult and as much as I love them they can turn out to be a handful. I also want to protect them from any lurking dangers but they make it so difficult for me with their phones and apps that I feel helpless. I eventually dabbled into the world of cellphone tracking apps and it took me a while to turn over, but I eventually did.

If any other parents are at the same position I was and are curious as I was, below I will provide some insight to the two schools of thought I went through before I decided to finally get a cellphone tracker app.

What I Used to Think

I used to be of the opinion that the digital world was a just another way to experience life and just as with normal life there were good and bad aspects. I thought that they had to fall a few times to learn how to get back up again, which in a way I still think is a good way to learn but there are somethings that I’d rather they not experience at all. I also used to think that if they knew that they were being tracked, they would adopt an apprehensive attitude towards me and would never trust me.  I also used to think that if I never let them learn on their own, they might become too dependent on me.

What I Learned

When I looked into what the cell-phone tracking world was all about, I saw very appealing arguments. What a lot of them seem to drive at was that as long as my children were under my control, I was under full entitlement to know what my children were doing online. Just as I was under the entitlement of having a curfew for them and having them return home at an appropriate time. Moreover, with the use of cellphone tracking apps, several parents have been able to save their children from online predators, scams and risks that would have actually harmed them. All of these dangers were a very serious threat to their well-being and if not prevented, could have led to some serious consequences. Cellphone tracking was a safety net for you in world more vast and dangerous than what can be seen.

I still fiddled with the idea of my children knowing that I was going to track them, so I searched extensively for an app that would not allow the person being tracked to find out while still fulfilling the basic needs of a tracker and what I landed on was an app called XNSPY. XNSPY allowed me to download the app on the device I wanted to track without revealing itself. On top of this, I was given the option to track messages, calls, current and previous locations and app usage with extra feature such as geo-tagging and WhatsApp spy.

My Advice

I would certainly advice any curious parents to give cellphone tracking a chance. I would further advise parents to exercise moderation. These apps are tools for you to practice better parenting and as trouble making as your children might be, give them some leeway and make sure you use it to protect the ones you love.

Do you have any stories of your own to share? Write to us in the comments below and let your voice be heard!


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