How Performance Appraisals Affect Employee Morale

How Performance Appraisals Affect Employee Morale

Let’s talk about the thing no one wants to talk about. The ultimate no-go area that makes any boss-employee meeting awkward as you like. This is the saga of the performance appraisal.

Here’s why it is so unpopular; people agree that performance appraisals are one-sided and boss-driven. It acknowledges what is or isn’t wrong with the employee, but does not address problems with the management or people in authority. And there are those that believe that most appraisal formats are flawed to begin with. There is no tangible way an employee’s performance can be evaluated with old fashioned reviews. No love for the performance appraisal there.

Here’s why it is awkward; bosses don’t think much of it. Mostly it is viewed as a waste of time, something they must go through because it is another box they need to check. That’s where they go wrong. This may have been a suitable line of thinking (considering no one really looks forward to them, anyway) but sadly, it is the bosses here who have nothing to lose. The employee’s future at the company may depend on how they are evaluated.

Here are some more facts about appraisals from Office Vibe that may put things in perspective:

What’s a better option than performance appraisals? Frequent communication.

Talk to your employees often and give them the feedback—good and bad—that they need. That’s how they’ll mold themselves to your standards and make themselves better. Let’s be honest, annuals reviews are distant, untrue, and not very helpful at all. Simultaneous feedback and communication is way more effective. Which is why we’re big proponents of employee monitoring. The boss needs to know each one of their employees instead of marking that one-time checklist.


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