How Small Business Owners Can Get Their Life Back

How Small Business Owners Can Get Their Life Back

One of the problems that I see every small-scale owners face is not finding enough time for their personal lives. They whine and cry (literally) like babies because the kind of work/life balance that they desire is not attained.

After some digging through theories and research regarding this area, I came across this phenomenon of Delegation that every expert’s opinion was referring to.  It’s considered as one of the most effective methods for small business owners to cut on their working hours.

Delegation involves empowering your employees and managers to make vital business decisions, ensuring a relationship of trust and assurance that you don’t expect them to be perfect.

What’s Wrong with Small Entrepreneurs?

New entrepreneurs are energetic and hardworking and they try to take all the responsibility onto their shoulders. And while they do so, they miss on the most important part—learning.

There is a learning curve that every small business owner has to go through I.e. learning to delegate. Entrepreneurs start wearing too many hats, making every kind of decision by themselves. But soon the company grows and they start to procrastinate on some less-important decisions which brings in humongous issues for the future.

If getting your hours back means to you, then there is a need to break this dynamic. Change your behavior and mitigate a vibe of understanding and trust that empowers employees to make more decisions even at the cost of some mistakes.

Getting Started With Delegating

Before you formulate any further plans, ask these questions to yourself:

  • What’s keeping you from delegating and entrusting your employees with critical decisions?
  • Is it just procrastination in breaking the old habit or you find you employees not eligible to take on the serious responsibilities?
  • Which employees do you trust the most to do the right thing?
  • You trust them ethically but find them not knowledgeable enough to make the decisions, how can you ensure that they become more knowledgeable?

If you are amongst the majority who complain about extensive working hours but fail to delegate, then guess what who is the problem here? That’s right, YOU are the problem child here. Your employees will not step up unless they are provided precise guidance. And lastly, assure them they need to make decisions even if they aren’t completely perfect.

Make an honest effort at delegating to have a better chance at getting your life back.


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