How to Execute a Flawless Back to School Plan for 2016

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It is back to school time! It’s the time of the year where kids need to wrap up their summer activities and pull up their socks for a brand new school year. It is a chance for them to start anew. It does not matter what sorts of grades they got earlier, how what their overall performance in other activities was like. A new year is a clean slate, and that’s what you should tell your kids before they head back.

You can have a flawless back to school execution if you organize yourself. Here’s how.

1.     Use Your Digital Calendar

Develop a habit of using your digital calendar. All smartphones come equipped with one. When your children receive their schedules from school, enter them into the calendar. Similarly, you can set “events” for school start times and end times so you’re given a reminder when it is time to drop them off and then pick them up.

When you put in your entire schedule on your smartphone, you will find that you are much more organized. It can get overwhelming thinking about all the things you need to do to get your kids back into the school routine. But with the digital calendar, you’ll be given reminders half an hour before. This way, you’ll be given things for do in the NOW in bite sized tasks. It will organize and simplify your day and you will never forget anything!

Moreover, you can set events for your child’s calendars and monitor their events so you can keep track of their day as well as your own.

2.     Make a List of Supplies

Use your phone’s To Do list or Notes to make a list of all the things you’re going to need for the new school year. Be it books, pens, notebooks, towels, socks, clip folders or anything at all; jot it down on your smartphone.

Sometimes, when you make lists, you tend to forget them at home or lose them when you’re out and shopping. Moreover, you need so many little things that it is easy to miss something out and berate yourself over it. Writing it down on your notes or To Do list will ensure that it is right there with you at all times.

3.     Schedule Meetings with Teachers

Keep track of your child’s performance at school by regularly meeting with the teachers to get reports and feedbacks. Do so by scheduling meetings with them beforehand and then once again, entering them into your calendar. This way, you won’t forget to follow up and you’ll have firsthand knowledge of what your child is up to at school.

4.     Revamp Home Workspace

A great way to get your kids excited about the new school year is to revamp their workspace. Even if the space is a tiny desk and a chair, make it look brand new. Put up soft boards and let your children decorate it however they like. Put up their homework schedule here. Paint the space and stock it with all their school supplies so that they get excited about working.

Use this time before school reopens to preplan your activities and days. Make technology your best friend. Your smartphone does a lot more than take calls and give you the internet. Make use of it to execute a flawless school year!


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