How to Prevent Cyber Espionage in Your Start Up

How to Prevent Cyber Espionage in Your Start Up

New business ideas are getting a face lift day by day. We have moved on from the dot com world to the universe of mobile applications. As many as 60 thousand new apps are added to the store everyday and app ideas are bounced to investors by the millions. It is all in the idea isn’t it? It is not about supplying to an existing demand anymore. It is about seeing a gap in the market and creating a demand, creating a need that people didn’t even realize was missing from their lives.

So when you do set up your start up, that very idea is going to be the most valuable asset in your arsenal. That idea could tank and mean you close down your business the very next day, or that idea could very well make you a millionaire.

What happens when that idea gets stolen? What happens when the one thing you were banking on to build your empire is pried from your hands? What if that idea was taken away by an inside job?

The Scope of Cyber Espionage

Believe it or not, cyber espionage is the greatest threat of our time. And you’ve got so many examples in front of your from our own time that can tell you the extent of it all. Take the Chinese hackers incident where information of 4 million or so government officials was leaked. Or how about the infamous Wikileaks that vows to expose politicians around the world? Then you had the game changing Panama Papers that were revealed as part of a huge international espionage cartel.

At this time while one might argue that the examples quotes above may have caused good more than bad (as far as information released to the public is concerned), the reason these were quoted were to explain to you the scope of cyber espionage. Now bring back the concept to your small business where there are fewer stakes (and no international players lol). Imagine your idea being breached and relayed to your competitors by one of your own employees.

Here is what you can do.

Combating Cyber Espionage Hands On

What you need to do is monitor all data being received and transmitted from your office first hand. Our employee monitoring tool does just that. Once you’ve installed it in your employee’s devices, you will be able to see what they do on their phones.

For instance, you can:

  • Read all the emails being send and received. You can know who your employees are communicating with and what information is being exchanged.
  • Sieve through all the photos being exchanged. Often, you will find that employees breach data by taking photos of your documents and sending it to your competitors. But monitoring photos, you can prevent that from happening.
  • Read all IM messages and SMS. This way, you can keep an eye on all exchanged text messages as well.
  • Record phone calls. You can keep an eye on all the contacts and listen to the phone conversations as they are happening.

What you need to do is make sure you are one step ahead of your employees at all times. When communication is transparent, there won’t be many ways in which your employees can move information around without being noticed. XNSPY employee monitoring will make you in charge of your own fate.



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