How to Stop Workplace Procrastination?

Out of the 8-9 hour workday, how many hours do you think your employees spend actually working? I’m not saying everyone is expected to work 8 hours straight every day. I’m just saying I put off writing this blog until I absolutely, completely had to. I had a cup of tea to get my mind going. Then I created a playlist of Springsteen’s greatest hits, because well, why not. I made myself a cup of green tea (an active mind is very important, okay?) then sipped it as I read a BuzzFeed post on how I can use cauliflower to replace carbs. Even though I might never ever try a single recipe that was on that article.

Point is, procrastination is common. But when your employees can’t get themselves out of that time-wasting spiral, that’s when it becomes a problem.

How is Time Wasted at the Office?

It must have been a really clever man that invented the ‘look busy, do nothing’ maneuver. Because it makes a manager’s job all the more difficult. How on earth are you supposed to tell if your employees are actually working behind those screens? Breathing down their necks all the time seems counterproductive if anything. But it might help if you have a better insight into how time is wasted at the office. Here are some stats from Time Doctor:

Minimizing Procrastination

Employees will also use their phones and the office internet to their own will because they think they won’t be caught. Now that you’ve gotten to know what they do to waste time, you’ve got to work on finding a way to mediate it. But that’s what you’ve got to realize first… you can minimize but not completely eradicate.

Make a habit of going through the internet activities of your employees. How much of their browsing is work related, and how much is procrastination? Going through their computers individually seems time-consuming, and is frankly going to make you seem like an unbearable boss. Which is why employee monitoring software seems like a better idea, especially if they have company provided phones. Use it to calculate their productivity, then address the situation if you find someone stepping over the line.

And if you find yourself a repeat procrastinator at your hands, try helping them overcome their time-wasting problem. Here are some great tips from Essay Expert. They’re essentially for students, but any procrastinator can relate…

People try two things when dealing with procrastinators:

  • Letting them set their own deadlines
  • Imposing stricter deadlines

But the truth is, every employee is different from the rest. Procrastination occurs when work is too predictable or too difficult. Find ways to keep your employees inspired and excited about their jobs, and you won’t be having this problem at all.


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