COVID-19 Lockdown: How Indian Parents Are Handling Their Kids in Urban Areas

Coronavirus pandemic has forced all the world to stay inside their homes and India is no exception!

The outbreak has affected Indians just like the other nationalities across the globe. The experience is exhausting and overwhelming especially for the parents with school-going children.

In the mid of March, many Indian states took action against the COVID-19 pandemic and shut down the schools as a first step for controlling the spread of the virus. In the beginning, the shutdown was meant only till March 31, but later, it was extended till April 15.

This clearly meant that kids who were spending four to five hours in a learning environment in their schools now had to stay inside the home for weeks.

It’s been 2 months now since the lockdown and kids have had no outdoor activities and social interaction with their friends for a long time. To engage kids inside the home is not easy for the parents, because this situation is new for both kids and parents. Furthermore, things are getting worse for working parents who have to work from home and have to look after the kids as well.

It is not just one or two parents; all the working parents are facing this situation. They are struggling to manage things and trying to work from home properly. But sometimes, they are fulfilling the demands of their kids, telling them to be quiet or asking them to stay away from their laptops.

This is the entire scenario that urban parents have to face while handling their kids due to the lockdown. Now, let’s dive deep into the problems faced by the working parents and the tips they should follow to handle the things well:

Interruption While Working

Kids are sitting idle at home. They don’t have much to do during the lockdown. As their parents are also at home, they might think that these are holidays. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. Parents have to work from home as per the instruction given by their employers. The sudden shift is not easy to adapt and for the majority of people, it is becoming the leading factor behind stress.

Most of the parents have shared their thoughts:

• A mother (human resource Professional) said that their kids expect them to play with them just like on the weekends. Kids are not able to understand the entire scenario. They don’t understand how much it is important for us to pick calls, send replies to emails, and do other tasks. Stress is increasing because working and looking after the kids have to be done at the same time.

• Another mother (web designer) said that her children will come to her while working to prepare foods during different times of the day. This is ultimately increasing the working hours while working from home. Some kids are not demanding anything but they fight with their siblings to get some attention.

Now, most of the parents have understood one thing: that this situation is not going to end soon. So, they are trying their best to come up with the solution to manage their kids and work at once.

How To Handle Things Well?

The majority of the parents are trying their best to adopt the new norm. They have to work from home and they have to manage their kids as well. Working parents are trying different approaches to manage things during the lockdown.

Let’s have a look at some of the thoughts shared by a few parents regarding working and managing their kids:

• A father (business owner) said that he has set a schedule with his son. His son knows when his father is working, receiving calls, and having lunch. In the schedule, we have also set up a playtime after working hours. This allows me to work well and give some of my time to my son during the lockdown.

• A mother (marketing professional) said that she tries to finish much of her work when her child is sleeping. She has split the responsibilities with her husband to take care of their child and work properly. In this way, there is no burden on both of them and their work does not suffer as well.

5 Helpful Tips for Working Parents

Are you a working parent? Want to maintain a work-life balance during the coronavirus lockdown? If your answer is yes, below are five tips that will help you to manage the things well in the lockdown situation:

  1. Encourage Your Child For Online Learning

We are living in a digital era where online learning is a part of our life. This can help parents to keep their children busy. Parents should use online learning platforms to help their kids in learning new skills.

Platforms like Khan Academy, BrainPop, Duo Lingo, Scholastic, and more are very much popular among the Indian parents. These platforms will help your kids to learn new skills, language, and enable them to work on their hobby.

A mother (gynecologist) said that her son is spending his spare time learning music composition, taking drum lessons, and production of music with the help of YouTube videos.

  • Set Up A Daily Routine

Schools are shut down but this does not mean that your children should forget about their routine. They should play and do the work on the set time during the school days. Once parents will set up the daily routine by keeping their working hours in mind, this will help them to manage the things in a better way.

A working mother (artist) said that his son will study just like the school time from 9 am to 1 pm. Furthermore, she’ll also engage him in painting, reading, and writing in the evening during homework time.

  •  Bring Out Old Games

Some of the parents said that they are bringing out the old games from their cupboard they love to play in the past. This will help them to stay busy and give them the chance to revisit their old memories.

A mother (business owner) said that she has brought out the play-doh, puzzles, sticker books, color markers, and others to provide fun time to my children.

  • Be A Good Role Model

Many of the parents said that their children are spending more time on the screen of different digital devices. This will be the case because kids have not much to do during the lockdown.

If you want to stop your kids, you need to pay attention to your screen time as well. Kids see their parents most of the time and they try to imitate their behavior. So, if you are also spending more time on your mobile or other devices, then there is no point to complain about it.

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  • Involve Kid in Homes Chores

It is best for parents to encourage their children to do some of the home chores. In this way, they can develop a sense of responsibility and can make it a habit to help parents in home chores.

One mother (a professional writer) said that “I call my kids to pass on the different food items while cooking, involve them in cleaning their rooms, and much more. Initially, children used throw the garbage in trash cans but later they involved themselves in other house tasks as well.”

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips will help parents to do their work on time and manage their kids during the lockdown. Parents have to set up a schedule, they need to educate their kids about the current situation. They should take out some time to play with their kids while working from home so that kids don’t feel neglected while staying at home.