How Can Indian Parents Excel In Digital Parenting

You can avoid anything in this world except technology. We are living in digital times. Kids no longer go to the libraries to study or research for school work anymore. They have their tablets and smartphones for that.  Electronics and smart devices have become the way of life for children. The abundance of social media platforms and access to practically everything has doubled parental concerns. Parenting has become quite a challenge in the present times. It is important that parents teach their children the healthy concepts of digital use.

Whether the technology is good or bad for children, there is a lot of debate on that. But, there is no getting away from the internet and technology. It has made its place into pretty much every aspect of our lives. However, following certain guidelines and establishing rules are necessary to raise the generation of the digital age.

Child monitoring apps such as Xnspy are available to prevent any misuse or digital danger. But if you find yourself in a tough spot regarding digital parenting, here are few tips to help you out:

Become Tech Savvy

A large number of Indian parents are unaware of the new devices and software available nowadays. But, children are quick learners. Therefore, parents must learn whatever new technologies surface. Parents should educate themselves and get familiar with the games, apps, and websites their children frequently use.

You have a better chance of protecting your children if you stay one step ahead of them. That is possible when you are internet literate and have technical knowledge of how apps and smartphones work. When you know things about the internet, you are in a better position to have an open discussion with your children regarding the dos and don’ts of technology. Know what content your child is exposed to and the methods to control it. Xnspy could help you with that as it lets you access all the installed apps and block certain websites as well.

Security Control

If the right controls and security measures are not put into place, children could become victims of the internet. We are all too aware of the dangers lurking in the cyber world, aren’t we? Children can get addicted to the internet or get exposed to inappropriate sexual or abusive content. There are sexual predators, groomers, and stalkers on the internet seeking young and impressionable minds. Parental responsibility calls for setting up the needed security controls to protect your children.

Be their Social Media friend, too

There are tons of risks associated with social media such as cyberbullying, cyberstalking, and body shaming. Your child could get involved in a heated argument there. Whatever you upload or say on the internet never really goes away. Even if your child regrets it, someone might have taken a screenshot. Your every action on the internet has its consequences which can leave a negative impact on your child.

Befriend your children on these platforms and know the kind of information they upload there or the images they share. Urge your child to act responsibly on the internet and build a strong online reputation.

Communicate Effectively

Effective communication is your best bet to both control, and eliminate the negative effects of digital devices and their misuse. Sometimes, when children are growing up, they don’t share everything with you. There could be things happening in their lives or online they are hesitant to share with you out of fear of punishment, or embarrassment.

It is important that parents are straight to their kids and makes everything clear to them about what is allowed and what isn’t on the internet. And, build a trusting relationship with them that they come to you if anything goes wrong.

Establish Rules

Digital parenting is not only about safe internet use. Make sure that your children are using their phones moderately. Set time limits for browsing the internet or using social media apps. They should learn to live without screens as well. Meal times should be mobile free as well as study time. Children should avoid using cell phones before sleeping as it messes with their sleeping cycle and affects their health as well. These guidelines really help in building digital etiquettes in children. In case they disobey the rules, you can remotely lock their device.

Use Xnspy Monitoring App

As said earlier you cannot avoid technology. You would not want your child to feel left out if they don’t own a smartphone. Using a child monitoring app such as Xnspy, lets parents create a healthy balance in your child’s real and digital life. You let your child know before giving them a smartphone that you will monitor their device usage. Install Xnspy on their phone and don’t watch them 24/7 but do random checks so that your child doesn’t feel that they have no privacy or independence. You can access their text messages, emails, call logs, social media activity, and their whereabouts with Xnspy. The app has numerous features and, all of them come in handy.

This would keep you updated on your child’s online and offline activity and also keep your children from engaging in any irresponsible or dangerous antics.

Be Their Role Model

For most of the children, their parents are their first heroes. They look up to them and try to mimic them in every possible manner whether it is their dressing, their habits or behavior. So, it is crucial that parents not only teach them but, be an example. Parents should become their children’s role model and set an example in terms of using digital devices and browsing the internet.

If you don’t want your child to get into bad habits then, you need to avoid them too. Parents should themselves exhibit moderate and responsible digital etiquette so, children learn them and try to act on it too.

See the Bright Side

Technology and the internet are not all bad.  See the positive things as well. Spend time with your children and invest in the parent-child relationship. Connect with them and teach them the right thing to do apart from creating a fear of cyberstalking and bullying. Embrace and accept all the good technology has to offer and avoid getting completely against technology.

Last Words

Digital monitoring keeps all the digital dangers at a distance. But at the same time, it makes parents exhausted too. Parents get worried and stressed out by constantly surveilling their kids. And sometimes, there is also the risk of obsessive behavior. It seems as if they are waiting for their child to put a toe out of line so they could intervene right away. This transforms into helicopter parenting and takes away a child’s freedom and independence.

It is extremely important that before establishing monitoring rules and installing apps, parents establish proper boundaries. There is a difference between monitoring and spying on every little thing that your child does. You need to give them the space to grow as well. There should be a respect for mutual boundaries as well. Apps like Xnspy have to be used intelligently. Use them in the right manner. They are for safety purpose not for you to monitor their every movement 24/7/. Find the right balance between safety and your child’s freedom while respecting your child’s right to personal space and privacy.