Why Indian Parents Need an App like Xnspy

Sexual abuse is an affliction that affects children all over the world. One of out of five girls and one in ten boys go through this traumatic experience. India holds the biggest number of sexual abuse cases that are registered globally.

The statistics for child rape in India for last year is yet to be released, but the gruesome records from the previous years are sure signs that there has been a tremendous jump in the cases. The year 2018 brought some of the most horrible child rape cases to our attention; however, still a large number of such cases unfortunately go unreported, due to various societal pressures.

In India, every second child is exposed to some form of sexual abuse. Every 5th child bears the most critical forms of it. Abuse can be mental, emotional, physical, and psychological or in form of exploitation/neglect as well. Getting abused has severe repercussions that greatly affect a child’s health, safety, and mental health. And in their later life, badly affects their relationships and sometimes – their whole life. Abuse often comes from those who are trusted – a close relative, neighbor or somebody the child knows. Quite often than not, children do not report it finding it extremely difficult to raise their voices and talk about the abused.

So how to overcome or prevent these issues or best – prevent them? By being aware. Parents could educate their children and talk about such sensitive issues openly but at the same time, bring technology to their use. Technology being accessible more than ever can bring quite a change in the regular parenting methods. Everyone has access to technology and where at one hand your child is using a mobile phone, on the other hand, sexual predator and pedophiles with their vile intentions might be scoping out your child and you might have no idea. The alarming pace at which different forms of child-related crimes like child rapes, sexual abuse, molestations, and abductions are growing, the parents’ responsibilities have increased threefold.

Parents must learn the technologies their children are using and get accustomed to the gadgets and apps the kids are adopting today. They are your children and therefore the responsibility of protecting them lies with you. There might be various things your child is not or unable to tell you. You cannot ignore the fact that children spend a great deal of their time on their mobile phones and if you want to keep a check on their activities, having access to their mobile phone could be a smart move in the present times. If parents remain unaware of what their children might be up to on their phones just because they are unable to understand the technology, it could lead to devastating results in the long run.

Xnspy is a mobile spying app that could greatly help in resolving both, the parents’ worries and woes in current times. It is an app that could help parents in monitoring their children and detect if they are facing any issues like getting cyberbullied, body shamed, blackmailed or someone you think is talking inappropriately with your child. The app offers a plethora of features to the parents and with a user-friendly interface so the parents who are not tech-savvy could easily operate and understand it.

Installing Xnspy has numerous benefits. You can see where your kids are with the help of the GPS locator feature and if they enter an area that is not safe for them, you could get alerts too.  Parents can monitor text messages, chat logs and the different instant apps like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, Hangouts, Skype, etc. The kids of today are more into texting and instant messaging. They talk to random people and strangers never knowing that they could cause them potential harm. Xnspy allows access to these various apps and their chat logs which lets parents know what they need to know about and the kind of people their child is interacting with both offline and online.

Moreover, if you are doubtful that someone might be exploiting your child or does not have a good intention towards them then, marking certain words on the Watchlist alert could notify you the moment any word like drugs, sex, etc. or any other words you may have added in the list that indicate something not right in the messages or chats. If something is off in your child’s behavior then with the help of Xnspy, parents can know right away.

Xnspy’s call recording and ambient recording feature work excellently allowing parents to listen in on conversations and turning on the microphone remotely so they hear the surroundings and know the kind of conversations taking place around their children.

The way things are going, parents have to be vigilant and cautious. Parents must do everything they can to know about their children and their activities. Communication is a must. Having Xnspy could immensely help in monitoring children and in taking the needed measures if emergencies arise.  Installing an app like this is the need of today as it is better to be safe than sorry.