Working Mothers in India – Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Indian mothers have to fight tons of challenges every single day. And if you are a working mum, it could become quite a task. The idea of a working mother is something many Indians yet have to come on terms with. The entire notion of a woman working and managing household seems foreign to many. If you are a team leader or a managing director, when you get home from work, you are expected to fulfill every responsibility of being an exceptional bahu.

A World Bank study revealed that 27% female population above 15 years of age is working in India. This is the lowest rate of women in any workforce among BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). The highest rate of women workforce is in China, at 64%.

Here are some of the common challenges Indian working mothers usually face in India:

The Constant Reminder of your household responsibilities

Indian women grow up with a mindset ingrained in them from a young age that girls are born to take care of the family, and then their kids. So, no matter if you happen to have a sick child at home and an important meeting at the same time, you would have to take care of your child first. Well, of course, your kid is your responsibility, but even then, conservative families do not give support and expect only you to take care of your kid.

In case you leave your child to daycare, you would get constant reminders of what a selfish mother you are to neglects her child and choose work over him.

The Issues of joining work after having a baby

Indian women go through a tough phase after having a baby. As there are safety concerns, one cannot leave their children with a stranger for the entire day without any family member. There aren’t many trustworthy and reputable daycares around either.

Many ambitious Indian mothers chose the well-being of their kids and gave up on their jobs no matter how well-paid. There are limited options for work from home, and women are no paid enough to urge them to continue down the career path.

Working in a male-dominant office culture

Even though humans are advancing at a massive speed in a variety of aspects, Indians have a long way to go in terms of expanding their perspective in considering men and women equal. Even today, no matter how ambitious and brilliant you are, you still will have to deal with injustices at a professional level. All over the world, working mothers are given flexibility regarding work.

Indian working mothers are still judged for taking an early leave, availing the work-from-home opportunity, or prioritizing family sometimes. Due to this reason, even if you are talented and a learned individual, you won’t be given key roles and projects. Only a few companies allow working mothers with flexible working hours. Due to this reason, and lack of acceptance of working mothers in a professional environment, a large number of women end up quitting work after having kids. A survey of 1000 working women in Delhi and its surrounding area revealed that 18-34% of married women continued working after having a baby.

The expectation to become a superwoman

If you are guilty of choosing a career alongside with having a family, you will be expected to be a superwoman who can handle everything on her own and works like a machine. And if you are unable to do certain things such as not being able to make to a school event (once a while), you will be labeled a selfish and irresponsible mother who puts her career above everything else – even if that happens once in a blue moon.

Along with the many responsibilities, there is also the issue of safety, if you are not living with your in-laws.

How can Indian working mothers ensure their child’s safety?

One of the major concerns any working mother has is that her kids and home are safe, particularly those working mothers who have children coming home after school while they are still on job. Modern technology has made it convenient for parents, through various means, to ensure their children’s safety. Modern parenting and locating tracking apps let parents know where their kids are at all times and monitor their activities as well.

Another modern advancement has been the rise of smart homes. Home automation allows parents to have control of all the basic systems of the central computer system of their homes that makes everything a lot more manageable and efficient. Along with heating and cooling system management, home automation systems play a vital role in the security of your home, preventing risks of break-ins and vandalism.

Getting a smart security system

If you are a working Indian mother, the first step in keeping your kids safe while you are at work is adding a security system. An efficient home automation system allows you to connect with modern security systems, while remotely having control and access to the home controls via your smartphone.

You can make adjustments to your security system and ensure that your kids are arriving home on time and monitor their timings. Teach them to set an alarm when they come back from school. Surveillance cameras are helpful to keep an eye on surroundings to make sure that something suspicious isn’t happening around that could put your children at risk. Automatic locks are a great way to keep your home safe.

Using Xnspy Parental Control App

Though it is crucial to ensure the safety of your children and home, there are other ways to keep your children safe too. They need safety against digital threats. You can use efficient parental controls in the form of Xnspy to keep your child safe from stalkers, groomers, identity thieves, and inappropriate content on the internet. You can place the needed filters and see that your children are safe from the variety of dangers of the digital world that could harm their mental health.

Finding a trustworthy person

Having someone you could trust with your children is a blessing. Thankfully, in the Indian family culture, there are people around to help you out with kids such as grandmothers and aunts. Having a trustworthy person (a friend or a family member) helps a lot with looking after your kids. Apart from family, you could seek help from a trustworthy babysitter or a neighbor to check up on your kids once a while. Following these simple steps could make a huge difference in your life and can give you mental peace regarding your children’s safety. Children also know that their mother might not be physically present with them but is aware of every activity and ensuring their safety.