Infographic: 10 Signs of Bad Parenting (and How to be a Better Parent)

Bad Parenting

Have you always been whining about your children’s perverse behavior and lack of respect for you? Well, it could be an outcome of your bad parenting, because the truth is: The attitude, goals, views and perspective of your kids are largely determined by what they learn from you; what they see you doing, and how you respond to a certain scenario; they are observing all that.

We’ve all heard the adage ‘Actions Speak Louder than Words’ but the true reflection of this proverb fits best on parents’ treatment of their children. A child is half a reflection of his parents and half that of a society he lives in. Though there are unwritten rules for parenting but if your child has behavioral issues, then there must be something off the track with your parenting skills.

Since parenting is a life-long commitment, you can’t simply turn away from your duties and responsibilities. With children we can easily say that their bad behavior is a consequence of your certain action. Enforcing discipline unto your child or teaching them correct manners publicly may harm their personality. Constant enforcement on a child may make them rebellious, which in turn can cause them to start lying or hiding things from you. Some kids may even begin stealing. Since you are an unreliable support for your child, eventually communication gap will prolong that may damage the personality of your child.

Parents must show perseverance by trying to fix the problem. Every parent has a different approach when rearing a child. You must be aware how to tackle your child under every circumstance so that they may look up to you for support and affection.

Infographics depict Signs of Bad Parenting

The below infographics depict Signs of Bad Parenting along with how can you avoid all that to become a better parent.

Signs of Bad Parenting


Children who grow up with bad parents end up having a bad parenting experience themselves. They don’t know any other way. They’ll only behave with their kids how their parents behaved with them. Bad parenting can suppress the personality of a child who is young and defiant. To prevent the cycle of negative parenthood, parents today must realize the glitches they undergo and must stand up to make better choices for their family.


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