Is Online Dating Safe? Let The Facts Do the Talking

Is Online Dating Safe? Let The Facts Do the Talking

Online dating sites have taken over the traditional match-making procedure in this digital age. Generally, when we try to look up for someone through the online dating sites, we consider the information shared here is honest and sincere. The truth is there are exceptions which you need to keep yourself aware of. Not everyone you meet online is honest and not everything you see online is true. In fact, online dating has some risks too such:

  • Issues with personal safety when it is time to meet someone in person who you met online
  • Getting trapped in fraud as you never truly know the other person
  • Harassment, stalking and cyberbullying
  • People pretending to be someone they are not
  • Getting phishing emails that claim to be from an online dating site which encourage you to divulge your personal information

These are just a few risk. Online dating can be full of scams, lies, and even unexpected dangers. Whether it is adults or teens, online dating has its dark side that can hit just about anyone.

You will be surprised to learn what the statistics have to say. Not all the online dating apps and websites are dangerous. With some common sense strategies, you can make your online dating experience safe and stay away from the online predators.  Check out the infographic below to find out the extent of risk involved:

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