It’s Not the Internet That Is Ruining Teenagers’ Minds, Probably

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Any neuroscientist will tell you that the brain undergoes changes from whatever we do. So even if it’s the internet use, the brain will change in-response. However, it still doesn’t create any scientific logic because it’s not supported by research.

Internet Use—Is It Really Bad?

There are so many uses of internet and it’s difficult to conclude how they affect the brain. However, there are studies that do elucidate positive psychological effects of moderate internet use on teens like greater participation in sports and other outdoor activities.

If it’s Not the Internet, Then What Is It?

Internet can provide more so many opportunities for the formative years of kids to educate themselves. It’s a time when the real learning begins. There is not only a vast library of information but it’s also available in various means. If there is question going around in your kids head, they can simply search the internet to get their answers on the subject. But if the kid is left unsupervised around their smartphones and desktops, then I would say it’s more a parenting problem rather than the internet. Parents can monitor their kids’ smartphones and tablets using a parental control app when they aren’t around.

Is Internet Bringing Physical Changes To Brain?

Let’s get down to if internet is bringing any psychical changes to our kids’ brains. Mills say that the research is limited in supply and it mostly comprises of adults who are addicted to internet; online gamers specifically. These studies do show reduced connectivity and thickening of cortex but we are talking about gaming addicts then again.

Looking Forward

I would say there is a lot of misinformation and hype regarding internet use. As aforementioned, it’s more of a parenting issue rather internet as an entity. We need more follow up research. And even if internet is brining physical changes to adolescents, we should know that it’s always capable of a functional change.


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