Looking After an Increasingly Global Workforce

Looking After an Increasingly Global Workforce

With the “global village” and the borderless feel that e-business provides, employment is no longer restricted to local markets. Outsourcing has become a top trend for many companies who want to be efficient and effective; they are hiring software programmers, website developers, content writers and graphic designers from all around the world. Businesses all over the world are hiring website developers to help in building their image on the internet. Similarly, people running a website from home are in need of such technical personnel too.

The Cost of Hiring Abroad

Looking for offshore staff can provide two benefits: first, it can provide specialized workers, and second, it can reduce costs. Hiring software engineers and web developers in developed countries is expensive. Hiring a programmer or a web designer in China or India, for example, will cost a lot less, but yield better results. China and India concentrate more on their IT departments than any other country in the world. They are, in fact, the leading countries in IT. Hence, it is very likely that India and China have more specialized programmers and software engineers that say, the US or the UK. But since people in developing countries, like India, have a lower paying capacity and a lower average wage rate, they are willing to work for much less.

Integrating a Globalized Workforce

But in order to hire an offshore web designer, it is important to consider a number of focal points, even if they may seem as the most obvious considerations in the world. The first would be to make sure if your programmer or web designer understands what you and your company are about. Say you are purely an American company that produces things only American customers need. It might be difficult to someone sitting in Azerbaijan to understand the feel and the cultural undertones of your company. Web designers are basically visualists—they put their perceptions into layouts. So it would be of utmost importance to make sure you and your offshore employee are on the same level.

Finding Your Internet Locality

The problem with going to proper web designing companies is that they either have a signature design, or they want to claim some sort of ownership. And thus another consideration is that is your offshore web designer really of convenience to you? Are they efficient and punctual? Do they personalize their work to fit your requirements? Hiring offshore designers will help you attain a different look in your internet locality, if your designer is cooperative.

Similarly, hiring programmers from IT hubs will also be a cost-efficient decision. With their high expertise in the field and their strong IT education sector, your company could even opt for a competent IT student who perhaps wants a part time job and would like to be part of an international company. This will not only save time for the company and split the burden; it will also mean that your work is being carried out by experts in the field in perhaps the entire world.

Expanding your employee portfolio overseas will give your company more benefits than detriment—if you know where to look. And if you’ve got the right employee monitoring tool to help you along the way, there is no reason your company can’t expand its boundaries.


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