Looking for Signs of Cyberbullying Before It’s Too Late

Looking for Signs of Cyberbullying Before It’s Too Late

Cyber bullying has been on the rise for year and if you read our review of the years reported cases of cyber bullying you will realize that it is not going anywhere and is the responsibility of parents t correctly identify and face the problems a child might face when being cyber bullied.

The fact of the matter is that an entire portion of our child’s lives is hidden from parents most of it is behind a screen online. Parents are scarily unaware of what their kids are up to, who they are contacting, what kind of content they are consuming and what ideas they are picking up from websites online. Most parents falter and are ignorant in keeping up with their kids online live simply because they do not understand it. Your child may be suffering at the hands of online bullies and a parent might not even notice since they are not keeping up with their child’s online life. How scary of a though is that. If gone un-noticed, they might end up with the same fate as Amanda Todd. So you need to act fast and equip yourselves with tools like XNSPY and make sure you are protecting your child from harm. But before you do that, you need to identify the signs of cyber bullying and check if your child is displaying them. Remember, every child shows these sigs differently but these are some general ones that you will need to look out for.

Unexplained Anger or Seclusion after Going Online

If your child is starting to frequently display signs of anger and melancholy it is time that you looked at their internet usage. It can be hard to do so since children are so secretive about their online use, especially on their smartphones. If your child seems to go in to hiding after spending a bit of time online you can start to assume that there is something awry. Small bouts of anger, bad mood and general anger towards everyone around them are tell tale signs that they are not in control of something they wish to be. All of these signs may point to abuse they might be facing online.

Kids and especially teenagers are very careful of maintaining an online persona or a presence. And as much of their time of the day is spent online, you can be sure that this online conflict is causing a great deal of stress to them and the online personae they wish to maintain. You as a parent NEED to know just what is making your child so distressed and one surefire way to get all the knowledge you need is to get XNSPY and use its array of features to get all the knowledge you need about your child’s problems.

Quiet and Timid Behavior

As a parent you need t understand that it is hard to admit for a teenager that they are being bullied. Admitting to a weakness is something many adults tend to avoid as well and you can only imagine just how hard it would be for a teenager who is just getting their first steps into the real world. Your child might tend to grow quieter, and give vague answers to questions you might ask. Remember, this is entirely different from normal bullying- although it does carry some of the same aspects. Most of the effects of cyber bullying are psychological and do not manifest in physical injuries as they would have in ‘normal’ bullying.

You as a parent need to be quick in order to recognize these signs in your child. Psychological effects can build up and make your child unsure of themselves and even hurt their ego. In these formative years it is very essential for them to realize their self worth and if that is constant ly under attack without you there to safeguard it, well your child Is going down a dark path then indeed. It is because of this very reason that so many parents are using XNSPY to monitor what their child is doing online. Emails, messages, and even calls can be monitored. This will give you great insight into why your child is being bullied and what you can do to help them. All you have to do is make sure they do not feel alone in all of this.

Lying and Making Excuses

You will find that your child will start to make an increasing amount of excuses to explain for actions that might seem completely invisible to you. But then again there are some things that you wil immediately start to notice. Like how they are trying their hardest to avoid meeting their peers at school or just going to school at all. It is very possible that these very peers are the ones who are bullying your child online and you can make yourself sure of this by checking your child’s messages, calls and texts with XNSPY. If you recognize some of the names then you can get in contact with the parent of the aggressor and sort this whole issue out. You might not know it but this intervention from you is the very thing your child was waiting for.

Make sure you cover all bases and check every incoming and outgoing message, picture, e-mail and also keep up to date with where they might go if they are not home. God knows what trouble they might get themselves into.  Remember, you might be the only one in their life who they feel they can easily talk to and seek comfort in. You must become that comfort and support for them if you think there is something is wrong. Most teenagers will never come out and say what they actual problem is, but will rather be vague and try their hardest to hide what is actually wrong. It should fall on you as a parent to know when they are feeling distressed and when they are feeling this way as well. All of this information you can get with the help of XNSPY.