Overcoming the Modern Day Parenting Challenges Faced by Mothers

Overcoming the Modern Day Parenting Challenges Faced by Mothers

Mother’s Day is only a display of the persistent cultural belief that motherhood is the climax of female life. While it is celebrated with presenting mothers with flowers and taking them out for restaurant brunches, these acts fall way short of recognizing the challenges faced by the mothers in this modern era. Modern parenting has made it more challenging for the mothers to look after their children whether they are stay-at-home mothers or office-going professionals.

Being a mom is really like working full-time. Just when you think you have started becoming a better parent, your child throws another tantrum. Agreed, parenting can never be perfect, but there are challenges that come our way and modern era has its own “worry quotient” that mothers must be cognizant of. Here are a few that you must be aware of:

Challenges faced by mothers

  • No right or wrong way:

    Perhaps the most important axiom in modern-day parenting. There is no effective blueprint for doing a thing right or wrong way. Every parent-child relationship is unique and has a distinct dimension to it. Parenting cannot be defined to admitting your child in a great school or enrolling them in numerous extra-curricular courses. Creating an emotional bond with your child that surpasses the material needs is the real challenge here. It will still remain there even if you buy them a new gaming console.

  • Modern Tech:

    Although parenting has never been an easy task for mothers, the digital era has thrown ever-evolving challenges. Most of the parents find themselves unprepared for them. Parents buy their children smartphones so they can stay connected. But they do not realize that teens are paying more attention to a smartphone screen than to anything else. Modern gadgets have not only brought behavioral issues for the children, they are restricting our children to a virtual world, thus promoting social alienation. Digital risks are shaping suicides and physical problems. This, by far, remains an ever-evolving challenge for the parents.

  • Losing control:

    Being a mother and a professional means you work all the time and everywhere. It is incredibly hard to draw boundaries between your personal space and workspace especially if you are a work-from-home parent. You would probably be working in the kitchen and taking conference calls in the preschool parking lot. Checking an email in the middle of the night or writing one in the grocery store. It has become difficult to create realistic boundaries between your work and parenting. This leads to isolation and mothers are losing control of their teenagers. And with so many things occupying them, they have limited time to research the solution.

Overcoming the challenges:

While the challenges for mothers can be overwhelming at times, finding the solutions to them is the real task at hand. Here are a few ways parents can overcome the challenges facing them:

  • Embrace the reality:

    Being a modern day mother, you have to be realistic about some of the things around you. It’s not realistic to think that eliminating smartphones or digital interactions would save your kid. Smartphones should not be blamed for everything. There is so much positive about them. Parents can not only stay in touch with their kids all the time, the teens have the knowledge of the world at their fingertips. So instead of blaming tech for your child’s behavior, you can use the cellphone monitoring apps like Xnspy for regulating their smartphone use and keeping them safe. Denying access to the smartphones won’t do any good to your kids. Finding the right balance would bring a healthy change.

  • Model a Balanced Behavior:

    The personality of a child depends a lot upon you as a parent. Your character and personality can have a long-term and lasting impressions on your child. A responsible mother who respects the needs and emotions of a child is actually shaping the child’s self-esteem. During the years a child is growing up, parents are the first source of their social interaction. Therefore, your style of interaction will play a significant role in developing the basic social skills of your child. However, parenting does not end when a child grows up and enters into adulthood. It’s a continuously evolving process and a life-long commitment for the parents to promote social, emotional, physical, and intellectual well-being of their children.

  • Understand your child:

    Understanding your child is very important. Know what the intents behind their actions were. If you apprehend this, then it’s almost half a battle won. If you want your children to learn from their mistakes, they need to be allowed to make mistakes in the first place. If you will not respect their opinion and their opinion do not matter to you, they are far less likely to confide in you. Belittling and ignoring them will create a chasm that can never be bridged. So understand your kids and become their secret keeper.

  • Strengthen Parenting Relationship

    Fostering a strong parent/child relationship should be the ultimate goals of parents. Kids perform better when their parents are with them through thick and thin. A positive relationship with your children will go a long way in creating a healthy foundation. Your children will thrive when they have parents who are happy, caring, and keen to enjoy moments together. Making an effort to plan a family activity such as gatherings and vacation, to connect and strengthen the bond will give them a better view of life without gadgets around them.

Being a mother is no child’s play. It’s a continuous learning process that needs a certain level of balance and recognition for the parent/child relationship to evolve. Each child is a different and unique child. With this understanding and by nurturing their talent, mothers can ensure that their child gets the best out of his/her life.