Should Your Company Be Providing Smartphones to Employees?

Smartphones to Employees

There’s an ongoing debate which probably began when the personal devices started becoming more common. That debate is: should you be the one providing them with devices to use at work, or should you be following a BYOD policy? Let’s get one thing straight; technology is integral to employee empowerment. But either decision comes with its pros and cons.

This infographic from Trustwave tells us about at the BYOD policy at a glance:

The pros of having your employees bring their own devices are:

  • Your employees will probably be more comfortable with them
  • They might be more efficient with them
  • It allows employee mobility
  • You’re not responsible for the devices

Obviously, there are a few cons as well:

  • Monitoring personal devices is difficult
  • Buying security or monitoring software for various devices is costly
  • You can’t control all the functions they carry out on their own devices
  • Your information can be at risk.

So the other option is to give your employees company provided devices. This means that your employees can only use for office work the smartphones or tablets that you provide them.

Let’s start reviewing the pros by looking at this infographic from New Egg Business:

So the pros are:

  • It is easier to pre-install an employee monitoring app on them
  • You can administer the activities conducted on them
  • You know what company data is being transmitted
  • Managing becomes more uniformed

The cons of this option are:

  • Employees may incur extra cost from personal usage
  • The initial capital may be too high
  • Security of the devices is your responsibility
  • Risk of theft

It would seem that from a company’s point of view, you’re in more control over information if you’re the one providing employees with their devices. It is just a safer way to protect your company’s data. So if you’ve been thinking about whether to administer a BYOD policy or not, we would say not seems more in your favor. But of course, make sure you review you own situation before you make the leap!


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