Signs That You Are Raising a Genius at Home

Raising a Genius at Home

Some children are just born with a gift. Their talent surpasses most other children of their age and they start showing potential of being extraordinary at a very young age. But such talent has to be nurtured. Often, parents do not understand what it is that makes their child different. If parents recognize those signs early on, they can help their children become someone great—someone who can make a difference.

Learning Liftoff provides some insights into what to look for in a high achiever:

An extraordinary child is…

  • Driven and motivated
  • Ready to go the extra mile to learn
  • Quick in understanding complex concepts
  • Independent

… from a very early age.

Now all of these sound like terrific qualities to have in a child, right? These are all the qualities that all parents wish to see in their children. They do, however, come with a few challenges of their own. Kids that have an intellect greater than that of their peers often seem rather aloof. This may be because they feel intellectually lonely. This could also mean that they do not find what they’re learning at school stimulating enough for their capabilities. As a result, they find that they can’t make friends, school bores them, and that they cannot exercise their full potential because they are simply not given the opportunity.

So what to do when school is coming in the way of your child’s academic progress? If you’re lucky, your child’s school should have programs for gifted students that you could consider. Such programs give students more challenging assignments and homework that help them get the stimulation they are seeking most. These programs have quite a bit of outreach, which means that your child will meet other kids who have a higher intelligence than their peers as well.

It is important, first of all, for a parent to realize that their child is gifted and that their talent needs to be nurtured. While this blog is talking about kids that show an extraordinary skill in academics, I think this can also apply to kids that showcase great talent in other fields as well—music, art, drama, sports and the like. Kids just need a little push before they realize they can do this on their own as well.


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