Six Changes We Would Love to See from Smartphone Manufacturers in 2019

New Year guarantees to bring some exciting changes to the tech industry. CES is around the corner and major smartphone manufacturers are expected to unveil their new smartphones with innovative features. But the past year has seen a decline in smartphone sales for the first time. Even a mammoth like Apple saw a decline in their sales. What has brought consumers to stop buying new phone models? We propose a few changes that every smartphone user would love to see from smartphone manufacturers this year.

  1. Control skyrocketing prices

2018 saw the smartphone price hover around $1000 mark. Several smartphone giants flirted with this price boundary while Apple went across this figure with its iPhone XS Max. But it’s time to think real and realize that most of the consumers cannot afford and don’t want to spend this much on a phone. This is something every consumer would want companies to pay heed to. But it is feared that this price will grow further this year with the launch of 5G enabled phones that can be $300 higher than the prevailing price of a high-end phone.

  • We want headphone jack back

We are always excited to see new changes in the newly released smartphones. But the decision to completely ditch the headphone jack has not gone down well with most of the consumers. There is nothing exciting about it honestly except that the price of wireless pods is going to earn smartphone companies more revenue. Why is there a need of a smartphone without a headphone jack? The new phones can offer water resistant feature with head jacks. Neither are these jack sockets getting expensive nor difficult to manage for the companies. Yes, we understand that companies are now offering wireless earphones, but can we have the jack back now?

  • An end to the glass bodies

The past couple of years have seen the smartphone companies nail the glass designs. We have seen almost every glass variant up till now. There have been phones launched in matte bodies, curvy ones and so on. This means that now is the time when companies get over their glass obsession with the phones. I don’t mean here to roll back to the combination of plastic and aluminum. But there are other options in the world that companies must explore. One obvious option is the magnesium. Laptops and tabs are already available in magnesium alloy. It is said to be more robust than aluminum and plastic and it won’t smash easily unlike the glass.

  • Part ways with the notch

More than one and a half year into the “notch era,” its time that smartphone manufacturers should look beyond this “accidental” style from iPhone. Google Pixel 3 XL design already shows there is time for something new. Even reverting back to the notch-less phones won’t be a bad idea at all. Having a notch at the center of the screen is probably the most desperate way to convince consumers that their phones need an upgrade. Though notch is expected to stay around, some phones with punch holes are also expected this year.

  • Make security better

This one is especially for the Android phone makers. Security updates from the Android are painfully slow at times. Even if you update your phone, you do not feel a significant difference. Security updates are released every month by Google for the Android phones. But not many phones adopt them. Only a few Android phone companies incorporate them and even that is not done at a regular rate. We all know that our phones will be ever vulnerable without these updates.

So much so that some phones are never updated after their launch. It is time that companies must start taking the smartphone security seriously.

  • Use bigger batteries

Well, this is something they should do every year. We all want smartphones that can last longer between charges. This single wish is more than the 5G technology or having a better camera. Some phone makers have actually worked on this one in the past year, especially some phones in the budget category like Moto G6 Play. We all love to live with the phones that last longer. The smartphone giants must employee their engineering heroics to develop phones with the lasting batteries.