Some Morale Boosting Tips All Bosses Need for their Employees

Some Morale Boosting Tips All Bosses Need for their Employees

I think a lot of people in management position tend to overlook or maybe even ignore just how important employee morale is. I swear I have tons of friends and sometimes even colleagues coming up to me and tell me over coffee or something that how bored they are with their jobs and just want to get through the day. They will tell me things like how they will get the least amount of work done in the day because they were not just feeling up to it. Now this is never a one-time occurrence, these people have been telling me the exact same thing for months.

Now of course people might automatically assume that this particular person is lazy but honestly a lot of this blame lies on the side of management and managers. You people just do not realize how your efforts to make employees feel motivated can make such a huge difference. So managers, you must be wondering just what you magical spell you have to cast over your employees to make them more motivated. Well to be quite honest, there are some small things and some big ones that you will need to do!  Raising morale is an ongoing effort so you will need to remain vigilant. But do not worry! It will not eat up much of your time if you know what to do and know what you are doing. So here are some of things you should be doing- if you already are not!

Know What Your Employees Think of You

You were not always a manager right? You have been on the other side of the fence not long ago and you had feelings and words for your boss that you could have never said to their face. If you did it might have made your life a lot easier but you never mustered up the courage to cross that bridge. Your employees will feel the exact same.

No one tells you to your face how they really feel about you. For all you know they could all hate your guts! Or maybe even the opposite. The first step to boosting morale is knowing how everyone feels already and especially how they feel about you. From this you can work your way up the morale boosting ladder, that is, start drawing out a strategy with the information you have.

Now how do you do that? Well let me ask you a question, your work place surely uses an email system right? Well your answer has been answered there already. Just get XNSPY and use its email spying capabilities to learn what your employees say about you and just where their sentiments lie. Of course this tool is also an amazing way to monitor your employee and their work progress. So by using XNSPY you hit two birds with one stone. You have got your information and now you have also have a better eye on your employee. But for God’s sake do not make these mistakes!

Know Why they are Upset

Now that you have got into their email and learned what they think of you and the general workplace environment, you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle if you find that a particular employee does not like you.

So what do you do?

Well first you get down to the root of the cause. If they dislike you chances are that they might have other resentments that they might have translated into hate for you. If you have identified the situation and just where you and the general workplace environment may need to improve- well you better start improving it!

Also, first identify if the problem is actually something that you might be the cause of and not something that is totally unrelated to you. But if that is the case however, go up to them and try to offer help and support for anything they might need.

In dealing with problems employees might have, you will have to sacrifice just some on your part. Maybe you let one of the employees take some extra time off, throw them a party, remind them that they best they can is good enough. Soon enough they will start to feel where you are coming from and will start to feel guilty for not working or slacking off. Be subtle about your leniency however, you do not want them to think that you have become lazy or have become a boss who allows that either.

If you feel like someone is taking advantage of your kindness or leniency then reprimand them immediately. How you do that depends on the situation but be sure to let all the other employees know of this as well.

Sacrificing some on your part will surely give way to how you want things to work! What goes around comes around and I promise you no sacrifice of yours will go unrewarded.

Do not be let Down by Failure

It will take time. You will not win every battle. You will not succeed in pleasing everyone honestly doing that is foolish anyway. You will never please everyone. But you must realize that the fruit of your labors will take some time to ripen. It does not happen overnight but you will start to see the change in your employee’s attitudes overtime and morale will definitely go up.

But be aware, this high morale will not last forever and will ease out. You as a manager need to constantly be in the works of making your employees morale high. I swear it will become easier as it would not take a lot to raise morale once you have learned how and when everyone reacts to what efforts you make. And remember! You can always do that with the help of XNPSY.  XNSPY will be the magic wand in your have helping you to cast your spells to make your employees happy and with high morale!