Spruce Up Memorial Day Celebrations With a Neat Parental Control

Spruce Up Memorial Day Celebrations With a Neat Parental Control

Happy Memorial Day! I, for one, love this part of the year. Nothing like the smell of backyard barbecues and alternative music to realize summer is in the air. I bet your backpacks are zipped and your tickets are booked for that trip to Vegas or your town’s summer festival. But before you start travelling with your family for that weekend camp out, make a checklist. Dancing shoes… check. Fanny pack… check. Barbecue cookbook… check. Security measures… not so much. As the authority figure, did you think about how you would keep the family together once the celebrations begin? What if your 12-year-old daughter disappears among a crowd of concert junkies and your 15-year-old son gets lost in a parade? Didn’t think this through, did you?

So, what to do now?

It’s okay, buddy. We’ve all been there. What you are going to need to keep the family together is smartphone spy software.

What Goes on During Memorial Day?

Memorial Day festivities can be a bit much. This infographic pretty much sums it up:

12. Memorial day 2016

You might have chosen the best campsite at your local summer festival, but there is so much going on, there is no way you can be everywhere at once.

You look over to the other side, and there’s a music fest going on…

And I can bet my bottom dollar there’ll be plenty of hamburger flipping throughout the area:

And of course, there is the parade.

If you’ve got kids to keep together in a place like this, you’ve got yourself a hard day’s work. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be. I’m going to tell you how you can use your smartphone spy app to your benefit.

Know Where They Are At All Time

One way to ensure your family stays together during the 3 day weekend festival is if you can view their current GPS location on a map all the time. This way, even if your kids are away from the campsite, you will have a way to know where they are. You map should look something like this:

With this feature, your family will avoid embodying the Fellowship with assembles and disassembles throughout the weekend.

Mark Danger Zones

Of course, when there is so much going on around your campsite, there are bound to be some activities which you deem inappropriate for your kids or family. Instead of sweating over it, simply mark restricted areas on the map.

You will be notified right away if a family member enters a restricted area. You can spend the remainder of the weekend at ease.

Mark Safe Zones

A good idea would be to mark your spot on the campsite as the safe area. This is what it should look like:

You will be notified every time a family member comes back to your campsite safely.

Remember What it is Really About

Memorial Day has become all about the festivities and the barbecues and the beginning of summer. So just take a moment to remember its true meaning. It is about remembering the fallen soldiers and paying them our respects.

Keep that in mind, have a great time, and more importantly, stay safe!

So, what are your plans for Memorial Day? Firing up the grill or hitting the town festival?


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