Starbucks to Pay for their Employees 4-Year College Education

Starbucks to Pay for their Employees 4-Year College Education

Here is an exciting news in the parenting realm, especially if you are figuring out how to give your kids a good education. Starbucks will now send all its employees to college for free. This program was only open to juniors and seniors. But a recent development has prompted them to go all the way, all 4 years. Seems unbelievable, doesn’t it? But here’s the story, and it’s all true.

The Brains Behind the Plan

Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks has teamed up with Dr. Michael Crow, President of Arizona State University for a project that seems almost too good to be true. A full tuition reimbursement for all employees? You better believe it. The two creative brains discuss the motive behind such an initiative in this video:

The Stats

This program started with one simple question.

Is a college degree still part of the American dream?

The stats that Starbucks has collected will make anyone ask the same.

On college tuition:

College tuition has increased 80% in the past decade—twice the inflation of housing or healthcare.

On college turnover:

Less than 50% college students finish their degree.

And on student debt:

Student loan debt is at $1.2 trillion—way more than credit card debt.

Corporations Take Responsibility

Given all these facts, the two men felt that it was time that they stopped relying on their government to make things better for their people. They’re going to make the change themselves. And critics and reporters everywhere have recognized this motive.

A Barista’s Life Changes

A lot of baristas at Starbucks are students who couldn’t pay for college anymore. Abraham, for example wanted to study to become a music teacher but couldn’t when the tuition became more than he could afford. And now, things are looking up for him.

You Can Do This, Too

It is amazing how many lives Starbucks is going to change with this college plan. And what’s even more amazing is that a company that sells coffee has taken the initiative that the government should have taken in the first place.

But what this has proved is that you don’t need to be employed by Washington to do something meaningful. But you don’t have to be a corporation either. No matter how small your business, you too can make a significant contribution to this world. And that’s what social innovation is all about.

It doesn’t have to be as extensive, either. I talk about managing startups from time to time, and I realize that each business has its own bandwidth. A small business could help out its employees in many capacities, too. For example, those who employ high school students can take steps to make sure that the kids stay in school. And they can use employee monitoring app to help them along. A project as simple as this would reduce the high school drop-out rate.

If this video doesn’t inspire you to do something, I don’t know what will.

What do you think of Starbucks’ new plan? Do you think it is workable or too good to be true? Have you ever done something to add to social wellness? Let me know in the comments below!



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