Teaching Your Kids to be a Good Digital Citizen

Teaching Your Kids to be a Good Digital Citizen

It’s about time parents start integrating digital upbringing into their child’s ‘normal’ upbringing as well. You know how people say that a parent’s role in a child’s life effects their career prospects in later life? Or how a parent’s involvement in school makes a kid study better? I believe the same principle applies to a child’s digital life.

You do teach your children the etiquette of conducting themselves in social settings when they’re growing up, right? The duty of teaching them the etiquette of cyber settings falls on your shoulders, too! And I’ve said before—a child’s life behind the phone isn’t much different from their life in front of it. Use your best judgment. And follow some of these basic rules.

Anatomy of a Good Digital Citizen

Here’s is an infographic by Common Sense Media that is as simple as it is effective…

For starters, every parent can teach their kids these basic ideas…

  • Be respectful of everyone’s opinion on the internet
  • Stand up for yourself and others
  • Don’t give away your personal information to strangers
  • Don’t overuse your mobile devices

Normal Etiquette vs. Digital Etiquette

I understand that technology and mobile phones are not every parent’s strong suit. So let me put for you in a way that you understand. All you need to do is translate everyday etiquette into digital ones.

Here is a helpful chart from ISTE

What I’m really saying is that bringing up a digitally responsible citizen is entirely in your hands. Once parents start giving as much important to the cyber-verse as the offline world, we might see problems like cyber-bullying start to dwindle down.


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